Dragon Quest XI announced and released to great fanfare

Logo leaked out earlier today so it’s definitely a main line entry not a spin off.

Will be streamed on Nico Nico and Youtube

Tonights livestream is part of a multi-week announcement of games all leading up to this event and to celebrate the series 30th anniversary in 2016.

Previously announced games.

Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3 [3DS]
Dragon Quest Builders [Vita/PS4/PS3]
Dragon Quest Heroes 2 [Vita/PS3/PS4]
Dragon Quest Stars [Android/iOS]



[quote]They’re making two different games based on the same story, with the same core staff, similar to Ni no Kuni.

The PS4 version is developed with the assistance of Orca and will run on Unreal Engine 4.

The 3DS version is developed with the assistance of Toy Logic.[/quote]
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Pics (off screen)

Edit. It’s late errr early but apparently at the end they said they are considering putting XI on NX. It’s not listed on any of the official stuff probably because NX hasn’t even been officially announced. But since they said it I’m assuming barring some massive change in dev kits it’s gonna happen.

Rumor is PS4 and 3DS cross-platform. We’ll find out in a few minutes I’ll guess.

Interesting platform choice. It makes sense though if they plan to release it worldwide though since more people in the West will care about a PS4 version.

I’ve heard of Dragon Quest before, but never played them. Are they fun?

NX is interesting, wonder which version it’ll be based on. DQX is also coming to NX.

They’re pretty much the Big Daddies of JRPGs.



Oh wow NX? Nice.

If you like turn based RPGs you might like them. DQ is very traditional so theres not much difference in the battle system from game to game it’s mainly about different monsters and story.

Its a traditional turn based JRPG with a Akira Toriyama style (AKA Dragonball characters). I don’t have much experience with Dragon Quest so I have no idea of how good they are.

The two versions running side by side on 3DS is marvelous. Check this out.


Jump scan

Also apparently the side by side thing for the 3DS version is only for the intro, after that you have to pick which style you want.

An update in the West the PS4 and newly announced Steam version comes out Sept 8th. It adds voice acting, hard mode and some UI and camera tweaks.

The 3DS version is not coming to the West and the Switch version is not coming in 2018 and is described as coming “much later”.

Honestly the luster of getting Dragon Quest with modern graphics has kinda faded on me. I’ve heard people describe it as one of the best stories in DQ history with the best supporting cast so I guess that’s still a reason to be excited.

Wow. I can’t believe the 3DS version isn’t coming.

But yeah story and cast is still very much a reason to be excited.

I’ve never played a Dragon Quest game before so maybe I’ll play this one.

Pretty much same here. I played some of 8 on PS2 but it was so damn hard I didn’t have the patience to grind and quit lol I still consider getting the 3DS version and giving it a shot.

The 3DS version is good. I ended up playing through it twice, and it’s not particularly grindy. Some quality of life and UX improvements over the original that help a lot, too.

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A couple people on Twitter I follow said the 3DS version was the superior one. I guess cause of the 2D mode and extra content referencing past DQs?

Its cool the added voice acting but why not to the battle parts?

Reviews are in, it’s gud

Not sure when I’m gonna be able to find the time to sink into it though. :frowning: