Don't know how true this is but

Wow PS4 in 2012 that’s a pretty interesting rumor.

Yes. I get all my information from the cocky dude on Saved By The Bell.

inb4 John Carmack finds something to bitch about with PowerVR

Can we not talk about next-gen consoles please? My wallet is still crying over the raping it received last year. :frowning:

If the news is true its going to happen regardless.

It’s gonna happen anyway. The 360 came out in 2005, and there is no way Microsoft will wait 7 years to release a new system.

If true, I hope Sony makes it more affordable this time, for themselves and the costumers.

[quote]CPU : Intel Celeron 440 @ 2 GHz
Graphics : AMD GPU with 128MB of GDDR3 RAM, Shader Model 4.0 compliant
Audio : 5.1 ch HD Audio
RAM : 1GB of DDR2 PC5300 RAM
Storage : 8GB Compact Flash[/quote]

Make it happens!

Also, I expecting the price will be over $600.


This is how blogs get popular.

They make some bullshit story that every one reads, and there you go.

Well I’m pretty sure the next Nintendo console is coming somewhat soon since Suda said No More Heroes 2 is the last one on the Wii and he’s going to make No More Heroes 3 for the Wii Successor. Also if Nintendo launches a new console in 2012 it means the others won’t be that far behind. The console makers try to launch in a year so that would make the other launches in 2013 at the latest they wouldn’t give Nintendo a 2 year head start in fact None of them will give either of the others more than a year.

It does not fit into Sony’s 10 year long lifetime plan. So it will come out around 2016.

It could fit if the span began when Sony started planning for the PS3. :smiley:

10 year plan doesn’t mean they wait until 10 years before releasing a console. They’ve said it twice before as well and it’s always been the same they never make it to ten years without a new console. Console life cycles are about 6 years they may want 10 years but reality is isn’t going to happen unless all the console makers somehow decide 2016 is a good wait.