Dont know about you but..

I see a pattern. Most of the games hyped up or casually shown usually arent that good nowadays. So I was thinking about re-buying my PS2 and PS1, for some old school Crash Team Racing, or Ehergiez(classic). I miss SSX3 as well for PS2 and a couple of others.

Maybe its me but those games truly had a fun factor. Now, its kinda eh’d out a bit (imo). Some companys focus too much on graphics and not enough gameplay and mockign other gameplay styles. Why not someone go back to the basics?

Example: Sonic Adventure 3 with the same style as Sonic Adventure 2. Amen?

Sonic Unleashed was Sonic Adventure 3… in Japan.

I understand that, but I ment with the same style as Sonic Adventure 2.

What style is that? A game taking itself too seriously? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hyped games tend to get bring in the most criticisms. Even when the game in question is a financial and critical success, there’s always gonna be a minority that oppose it because it gain popularity.

If you remember how smooth the gameplay was and just kinda relaxed. The way others character’s story modes were set up was cool along with the chao garden. It had a good vibe to it. All the characters were balanced and had an interesting storyline, so if they could revive all that, put it in Sonic Adventure 3, it would be a hit, and not try to mock other games that are out now. Stray away from Sonic and The Black Knight and Sonic Unleashed. Just stick to the basics. Sometimes its the best way to go.

Hyped games I dont have a problem with, its jsut the vibe of the games now. Its like everything is based around visuals more than a relaxed gameplay. I guess now Sonic Adventure 2 would be compared to an arcade game compared to what games are now(some not all).

I agree but the reason for that is look at people bitch about Wii. Good graphics gets you bonus points for looking good from some people its pretty much what matters. If you don’t people will bitch about it for the longest time and say your good game would only be good if it were in HD or some bull.

Point is developers sometimes feel like they have to have the newest stuff and prettiest stuff or their good game will be overlooked because of consumer demand for good graphics and some consumers seem like they’d be willing to overlook gameplay problems if the game was pretty enough. This basically describes people’s aversion to a console or games because they aren’t “Pretty” enough.

I’ve seen this said by a fair amount of people, but I don’t agree. The only difference between current day and 10 years ago is that games receive more press than they used to. Perhaps you and others are letting hype over-inflate your expectations, but I don’t see any real differences between the quality of games now and back in the late 90s. Or perhaps it’s that people like to view bygone generations through rose colored glasses.

You really need to stop saying this because like I keep telling you Sonic The Hedgehog you know Sonic 06 was exactly that. Improving on Unleashed which had the best 3D bits in a sonic is the best direction for them to go right now anything else is just nostalgia goggles.

Ok, I’ll go by what you say.

Buy an NES, I did, and I love it.

As for PS2/PS1 games, there’s alot of great gems, and the cool part is way more gaming, for probably alot less.

But yeah, I was in your position, but I bought an NES, only because I wanted to play something… exotic… Thats the only word I can think of.

You know what?

All the color is gone for the rest of our lives.