Does anyone know a good image-hosting site . . .

. . . that isn’t named Photobucket, Imageshack, or Tinypic?

I need to host a large banner for my RP forums; Imageshack won’t let me register for some reason, and I’m afraid that Photobucket and Tinypic will downsize it.

Google has betrayed me, so plz help. :frowning:

Photobucket downsizes shit. No way, thats lame :disgust;

Photobucket downsizes anything over 1 MB.

Didn’t Imageshack get hacked?

Anyways, I have no idea what others lie out there. Sorry.

Huh? Imageshack is an image hosting godsend because I don’t need to register to host anything, the first page is there to serve. Same with tinypic.

Tinypic doesn’t really shrink pics, I just uploaded a giant 2MB image (4500x4330) there and it’s still big enough that hardly half of it can fit all in one page. (1600x1530)

I mean would such a banner be that wide? Tinypic’s the shit[SPOILER], although the search function sucks major balls, worse than how other hosting sites manage searches. >,>[/SPOILER]

Imageshack is the way to go, it doesn’t shrink anything no matter how large it is and no, seriously, you don’t need an account just so you can host images.

I have never needed to “register” anything at Imageshack.

I tried uploading something in Imageshack last night. The tab either kept crashing, or I got an error page.

The internet hates me! :frowning:

Any specific format? Did you have the image tag at the end?

It was a gif picture. Doesn’t matter now, 'cause I finally got to upload the stupid thing after fighting with Tinypic for a while: