Do you like listening to radio?

Do you like listening to radio?

If you do, what radio stations to do you listen to? I don’t care what country you live in, just tell us.

I listen to radio stations based around Tennessee (Nashville specifically, since I live in Columbia):

SuperTalk Radio (99.7, Nashville)
The Buzz (102.9, Nashville)
Jack FM (96.3, Nashville)
Oldies Radio (101.7, Nashville)

I will post more if I do listen to more.

Right now, I am waiting for the Twilight Radio Dramas to come on after this political talk radio show gets done, which right now is good.

I listen to the X.

105.9 (Pittsburgh)

Not too much. I occassionally listen to some country/political channels that my mom/dad listen to.

I usually listen to internet radio on my PSP, but when I listen to regular radio I listen to 95.7 (Classic Rock) and 104.1 (Metal).