Do do do dodo doooooo Kojima's Policenauts FINALLY translated into English :D

Step 1. Obtain an ISO of Policenauts Disc 1 and 2. This can be done by buying the game and ripping it. Or by other means…

Step 2. Patch it with the patch notes

Step 3. Enjoy :smiley:

I like. I like a lot.

{touches Policenauts inappropriately}

Fucking nice.:beer;:slight_smile:

This game is awesome why has no one posted in this thread?! :frown;

Because you touch yourself at night.

Cause after about an hour of downloading ISO converting software, converting my BINs to ISO, patching them only to have EPSXe which keeps bonking on me I said FUCK IT I’ll play this during X-mas break :confused:

I have a err… link to download the translated ISO’s if someone wants them PM me and I’ll send the link since I don’t think I’m allowed to post them here