Disney to Reset Star Wars Trilogy? -Rumor

This is obviously big if true and I do know at least the part with Favreau battling for control of Star Wars is a fact. One guy close to him and a friend admitted as much in an interview recently.

Doomcock has been correct before, his leaks of Rise of Skywalker checked out and stuff, so I doubt he throw this out there willy nilly. He doesn’t say it is for sure happening but is a conversation.

So basically Disney gets to pump more money out y’all while pretending to care about the “fans”. I just want a sequel to Solo with the Darth Maul shit in it because that’s dumb enough to be entertaining.

I’m sure its true Disney messed up with the new ones. Those movies have killed Star Wars.

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The Galaxy is bigger than the fucking Skywalkers!


No way Disney has the stones to do this but it would be hilarious if they did. The sequel trilogy is a dumpster fire.

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Have to watch Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels for that lol Darth Maul stuff I mean.

Give Rian Johnson his own trilogy, like we were promised.

They are going to have a problem is they keep going off it.

Not sure if trolling but I’ll humor it. He didn’t earned it. He didn’t even deserve to be promised one before his trash film even came out. That was as dumb as well, NOT planning ahead the “Skywalker” cough Palpatine cough trilogy that put us in this position.

The money is now only in the hope train.

This will be the pattern:

Release new Star Wars

It disappoints fans but everyone has to see it because they have to see it first hand to form opinion about it.

Movie is still seen as unsuccessful.

Promise to undo past mistakes and go back to something closer to the original formula

Release new Star Wars

It disappoints fans but everyone has to see it because they have to see it first hand to form opinion about it.

Movie is still seen as unsuccessful.

Promise to undo past mistakes and go back to something closer to the original formula.

Release new Star Wars.

Surprisingly there’s actually been some good Star Wars material recently. The Mandalorian is enjoyable and the game Jedi: Fallen Order was unexpectedly fun and has a decent story. Hell, even Solo and Rogue One were worth going to see. It’s a property that still has legs.

The trouble with the sequel trilogy was the lack of planning and the choice of directors. Abrams is a whore for nostalgia and he doesn’t care if something is narratively incoherent as long as it packs (what he believes is) an emotional punch. Meanwhile, Johnson is too busy masturbating to himself and forgets that stories are supposed to have characters that you give a shit about.

To be a negative nelly slightly. I think The Mandalorian was a fluke and it was average at best in terms of storytelling. I think in part it was boosted because the new Disney films are so poorly done it was a somewhat of a rebound. It was essentially a failed Boba Fett film, rescued by Favreau and stretched out over too many hours.

It’s not unwatchable and it’s not something I would say is bad at all but I don’t think it’s exactly stellar.

Solo lost money at the theaters. I doubt they’d repeat that formula.

Jedi: Fallen Order MIGHT have been a fluke also. I hope not, but they’re owned by EA, the Disney of video game companies. People voted with their dollars and told them this is what they want.

But I’ve a feeling expectations will be subverted. Who knows though, maybe they’ll follow through and stop milking micro-transactions etc. They’re on a tightrope of wanting to make every game FIFA and creating a product that fans want, but doesn’t rake in dough constantly with zero effort.

Maybe plan shit ahead this time…

Say what you will about the Jurassic World movies, but at least those was planned ahead.


Have to start somewhere Grundy, even if small successes such as those. Call them flukes but have to start somewhere.

To be honest I enjoyed Star Wars Rebels quite a bit. It was set at a great era though between the original and prequel trilogies.

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No, I’m not trolling. The Last Jedi is a great movie and the people who hate it are weird nerds.

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Maybe if it wasn’t the “Star Wars” brand and every character and faction was renamed and rebranded (doubt it). For the millionth time I will say I am so hard on the movie BECAUSE I love Star Wars so much.

If you really are serious, more power to you, you do you. As much as you like it, I hate it 10 times worse. Btw must be A LOT of “weird nerds” if there are talks of resetting the entire trilogy, huh?

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Stop you’ll break the narrative! :policeman:

must be A LOT of “weird nerds”

No, they’re just super loud online. Same reason we’re getting the Snyder cut.

Lemme clarify though. If you don’t like The Last Jedi, I get it. But if you HATE it the way so many online do, I think you’re a weird obsessive man-baby. And I realize that makes me a hypocrite when I say that Rise of Skywalker is one of the biggest pieces of shit I have ever seen.

Liking TLJ and not liking Rise of Skywalker makes the most sense to me more than anything you’ve said lol I hear it tries undoing everything but is a mess.

Honestly I’ve never even seen Skywalker. Figured it isn’t worth my time.

To be honest they screwed up Starwars. Should have been a license to print money.