Discuss Movies You Have Seen.

Finished Hurt Locker the other day. It’s a damn good action/drama that takes place in Iraq. There isn’t a traditional plot in place in the sense that “this happened and then that happened”, its just about this bomb squad unit that embarks on various missions and their new team leader is a jaded asshole that they have to figure out how to get along with.

Yeah, man

HAven’t seen it yet but plan too. Heard it was a damn good movie, not just one of those anti war shit that’s been coming out.

Yeah, pretty much. Seen any movies lately you wanna toss out there? Based on the slow traffic even just in here I feel like maybe I gave the impression that the thread is about Hurt Locker exclusively.

I seen In Bruges last night. Fucking funny movie that is!

“Oh great day this has turned out to be! I’m suicidal, me mate tries to kill me, me gun gets nicked, and we’re still in FUCKING BRUGES!!”

“Don’t be stupid, this is a shootout.”

“What’s Belgium famous for? Chocolates and child abuse, and they only invented the chocolates to get to the kids.”

“Ray, you are about the worst tourist in the whole world.”
“Ken, I grew up in Dublin. I love Dublin. If I grew up on a farm, and was retarded, Bruges might impress me but I didn’t, so it doesn’t.”

“Harry, let’s face it. And I’m not being funny. I mean no disrespect, but you’re a cunt. You’re a cunt now, and you’ve always been a cunt. And the only thing that’s going to change is that you’re going to be an even bigger cunt. Maybe have some more cunt kids.”
“Leave my kids fucking out of it! What have they done? You fucking retract that bit about my cunt-fucking kids!”
“I retract that bit about your cunt-fucking kids.”
“Insult my fucking kids? THAT’S GOING OVERBOARD, MATE!!”
“I retracted it, didn’t I?”

“I ‘eat’ the Canadian…? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“What are they doing over there? They’re filming something. THEY’RE FILMING MIDGETS!!”

“You can’t sell horse tranquilizers to a midget!”

Great film. Although it stretches reality quite a bit. Like… for one, how the fuck [SPOILER]does a middle-age man who got shot in the foot and the jugular (and suffering from shock due to blood loss) fall down 200 feet and was able to survive death for a couple of minutes?[/SPOILER] It doesn’t make any sense! [SPOILER]He was basically liquified from the impact! He should of at least landed ass-first so the gun he carried wouldn’t break…[/SPOILER]

And this part doesn’t make sense too… [SPOILER]during the chase between Harry and Ray, they stumble onto the movie set. The midget actor sees what’s up and decided to walk towards them. Ray collapses from a bullet wound, and he murmurs “little boy…”. Harry then gunned down Ray like 10 times, and a bullet killed the midget as it passed through Ray. [/SPOILER] That doesn’t add up. [SPOILER]Sure, Ray is haunted to death from the memory of him accidentally killing a boy when he was trying to kill the priest (who said “little boy” as he died). But I don’t get why he would put himself in that situation. It was like he was hoping the bullet that passed through him would kill his midget friend.[/SPOILER]

My godfather is an E.O.D. technician and was all about the Hurt Locker till he found out that they turned it into a less realistic version of what he does.

I still would like to see it. Cuz he said it was still an alright movie. He made a point to tell me every part of the movie that i could call BS on because it’s fake.

Yeah war movies usually Disney-up certain aspects of war to make themselves watchable. I’d like to say that this particular movie does so to a lesser extent than others like Saving Private Ryan for example.

I’m gonna watch Apocalypse Now in a few. Not sure whats up with me and war flicks lately.

So…What exactly about a movie we’ve seen are we suppose to talk about…?

Anything. Pick a movie and say some stuff about it and it carries on from there. This isn’t hard.


Well I haven’t seen it recently…It’s been probably a good three months or so since I watched it…But I just ordered MirrorMask on Blu-ray. I original bought it during the last UMB sale we had at GameStop and fell in love with it. MirrorMask is another artistic masterpiece straight from my beloved Sundance Festival, with visual arts done by Dave McKean.

It tells the story of a girl, Helena, who feels trapped in her life and wishes to run away from the circus her parents run in order to live a normal life. However, during a performance, Helena’s mother collapses for unknown reasons. Helena begins to blame herself for her mother’s sudden twist in fate; as her life becomes more confusing, she wakes to find herself in a dream-state while looking out onto her life still moving with a ‘fake’ Helena living it. With the help of her new-found friend, Valentine, she tries to ‘awaken’ back to the real world.

I just finished up Children of Men which just left me with feelings of depression and desperation. -_-

[size=167][align=center]This is England.[/align][/size]

English skinheads, issue of immigration, National Socialism, working, coming of age, racism, acceptance, etc.

An honest semi-autobiography.

^ i decided to give that a watch… well god damn that was some depressing shit -_________-

[SPOILER]Although I kinda saw it coming it was still hard to watch him kill Milky. Combo calling him a nigger just b/c he didnt have such a shitty life [/SPOILER]


Just saw Milk what an amazing movie that was I loved every second of it.

Wow the Halloween remake is (IMO) the best Halloween movie, I think you’d really enjoy it Chad.

Of course, I thought the original was kind of generic-slasher and didn’t tell any kind of story very well, so your mileage may vary. The strength of Rob Zombie’s version is that it tells a specific story very well and it’s paced excellently (of course, Michael’s history is around 30 minutes long, but it was just about the right amount.) I was worried Michael’s backstory would humanize the character and distract from the main plot, but… it becomes the main plot in a sense. It really strengthens the overall story, and I’m more of a sucker for a well-told plot than any other aspect. I think it even tells a better story than H20, and I loved H20 (themes of repressed revenge, etc.)

Some complained it didn’t bring anything new to the series, but they’re wrong for two reasons: 1. Yes it did, and what was added was meaningful, and 2. Normally people bash the hell out of anything added to the series, like that ridiculous reality show angle in the last one (myself included.) In the original Michael was really killing for no reason other than “omg he’s psychotic onoes”, and even though this one explains his “motives” (if you can call them that), you gradually lose pity for him throughout the film’s intro. Rob excellently walks the thin line between humanizing him (and making him less menacing) and explaining him.

In terms of production and budget, this is definitely the most well-made of the series. In addition, the little cues and callbacks to the earlier films (Mr. Sandman playing when Haddenfield is introduced brought a smile to my face) really showed the attention to detail. I had heard before it came out that they were trying to “downplay” Carpenter’s tune, and I was really pleasantly surprised they changed their minds.

I didn’t know if I’d accept the new Laurie Strode but the new actress is actually pretty great. Granted, she doesn’t really have a unique quality to her like Jamie Lee Curtis has, but she’s very sufficient. Lastly, the film cuts down on the ridiculous “how the f***” “slasher logic” that’s plagued the series since it started, but there’s still a few moments where they pop up.

Warning: Even from my praise, I’d still go in with no expectations, as I did. I was blown away because of that, I suppose.

That’s kind of like being the coolest kid at space camp…

I know. It’s not the best horror series, in fact if I recall it was kind of reactionary to the Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday 13th movies, and it came out kind of generic because of that. But the remake really does treat Michael as the symbol/icon he should’ve been.

Daddy Day Care is a great movie, with plenty of fun for the whole family

I saw The Ugly Truth the other day with a couple friends from work. Its a fun flick, though just as it started I wasn’t sure what to expect of Gerard Butler. Honestly it was awkward for a few minutes because I’m sitting here like “You’re a fucking spartan why are you in polos and button downs in a romantic comedy” but he grows into the role really well. He’s kinda chauvinistic for a a big chunk of the movie which everyone got a kick out of it.

Basically go see it, but not alone. Seeing a romantic comedy alone must be depressing as hell.