Didn't pick up Metroid Prime Trilogy yet? Sucks to be you...


Nintendo should take a nod from Disney and advertise that its going back in the “vault” so hurry and pick up a copy before its gone FOREVER!!!

Thank god for Christmas.:beer;:slight_smile:

Metroid other M is coming out next yet year. Nintendo is doing well in sales they don’t have to do a vault thing like Disney does. Its strange they are announcing its going out of print but all games do.

Sucks for the people who didn’t buy it. MP3 wasn’t that good. >_>

Actually there are still ways to get it through the used games market. Every game stops getting printed at some point I’m not even sure how long digital downloads will stay because it takes space on a server somewhere that has to cost something.


Theory going on here… It’s simple. The games together sell for $50 new, and have recently sold for $20 and $30 in the last month. By clearancing them out, they can release them as single games for $30 each as their “new play control” games. Of course, Metroid Prime 3 went out of print just as the Trilogy was coming out… so, this may finally be the long delayed release of the Player’s Choice titles coming to Wii. In the end, more money for less product from Nintendo.

New Play Control is dead. There won’t likely be any more games in that series.

Actually since Nintendo titles keep their value its in their best interest to keep them around. As for why Trilogy isn’t being printed its probably slowed in sales.

Metroid FPS games :lol

Metroid Prime is amazing. Also its not really a FPS game even if you are in first person and shoot things.

They all feel repetitive and boring to me. The old Side-Scrollers must’ve spoiled me.

The side scrollers were pretty good. Other M is looking pretty good with all its perspective changes.

I don’t know. I’m not a big fan of Team Ninja, to be honest.

Well… Dead or Alive 2 was good.

[quote=“nothere413”]I don’t know. I’m not a big fan of Team Ninja, to be honest.

Well… Dead or Alive 2 was good.[/quote]

So long as it has all the elements that makes it Metroid it should be fine.