Debating on writing

I have a nice little break from work coming up; a nice, three day vacation. I’ve been thinking about starting up a story again since it’s been so long time since I’ve been dedicated to one. I miss the feeling of developing and watching my characters grow as the plot unfolds and the feeling of thinking of the perfect little twist to toss in.

However…I’m out of ideas…

The only thing I have some details on regarding characters and a plot would be an old Resident Evil fan fiction concept. Though writing fan fictions don’t sound as cool as they use to sound to me when I was younger; I feel a bit silly putting so much work and dedication into something that someone probably won’t read or like since, well, who hasn’t written a fan fiction by now? The idea’s probably been done by now…And done better…

When it comes to non-fan fiction ideas, I have a few but they feel too generic or I can’t think of a direction to take them…


Find some space where you can be alone and in silence. Have a blank sheet (or multiple, if you be crazy like myself) and a writing utensil. Write down every idea you could think of for a story. Even if it sounds cliche. Fill the page. Fill twenty pages. When you’re done. Only about two of those ideas will sound good.

Other good advice: if you want to write fiction, write at least twenty minutes a day. Something fiction-y. Eventually, you’ll come across something good.

Also, and I can definitely say this is true for myself, getting into the habit of writing is the hardest part. So is actually finishing what you start. So, just stick to twenty minutes a day. It doesn’t even have to be the smae story. Or start with short stories. That always helps me. Jest try and finish something.

I don’t really have a problem with the actual writing. I’ve written a few pieces here and there over time, but mainly just small things or anything worth sharing.

The problem I have is just finding something I feel I can be dedicated to until I get to the last word on the last page. I actually kinda of want to write my fan fiction but…I feel childish whenever I start it.

Whatever you choose, good luck. As you know my second piece has been languishing for some time now, and I have at least three more to go after that. I’d like them all to be done before I actually release them, of course, to give it a sense of consistency.

But, doing it in secret, I do not get any praise nor criticism, so it’s hard to fine a reason to push on. If you release it in small chunks or chapters, it may motivate you better.

That’s my plan.

It’s just a matter of settling on something…

Write about me. I’m interesting, cool, and just downright good looking!

I’m also very modest.

Punching babies can be therapeutic.

I know if I had 3 days off it would be 3 straight days of video games…

[quote=“nothere413”]Write about me. I’m interesting, cool, and just downright good looking!

I’m also very modest.[/quote]
In other words, boring.

Write about me, I’m about 2 steps away from being sent into a psyche ward. :astonished:

Maybe try reading some good books and they might give you ideas of stuff to write about.

I know some books that have inspired me to want to write. The Conan books, Dune, Lawrence of Arabia, and just about anything by Michael Crichton are a few that come to mind.

[quote=“Gurren Lagann”]In other words, boring.

Write about me, I’m about 2 steps away from being sent into a psyche ward. :astonished:[/quote]
Yeah? Well I have chicken!

Yeah? Well I have a website! So there. :frown;

Have a rotating plotline. Get with 2 or 3 other writers you know, and start the story for the first few pages, then have someone else continue it, then have someone else continue it, and so on, through a complete revolution, and then start back with you and continue on and on.


You write this thing, about these people, and they could be doing, stuff.

I’m not much help, eh? Years ago I had a notebook just for short story ideas and stories, but none of them really ever got past 4-5 pages before I just gave up and started a new one. Traditional narrative form and I don’t get along that well I guess.

Think outside the box, try to draw from sources you havn’t used before, basing a character or situation on something from real life. Even a minr event happening to a stranger irl can make for the basis of a work of fiction if expounded upon.

[quote=“Gurren Lagann”]In other words, boring.

Write about me, I’m about 2 steps away from being sent into a psyche ward. :astonished:[/quote]

But I was already there and broke out…


So I have an idea now…Screw originality! That requires too much work right now. I’ve decided to write a Persona fan fiction, at least I will if I can come up with a good enough plot and set of characters.

I know I’m keeping the summoning style of Persona 3. Honestly, shooting yourself in the head was more bad ass than ripping cards. The main problem I have right now is a plot.

I liked how in Persona 4, the shadows were in a different world over the world changing like in Persona 3. It was more believable and felt more natural. So the first issue I have is trying to explain where the shadows are at and why they’re there without ripping off Persona 4 too much. Maybe I’ll go with something regarding dreams or something…I’m not sure, that aspect is still in the brainstorming process.

I’m still trying to decide if I want an organization set up already (like SEES) or not…If I did have one, it wouldn’t exactly be like SEES. In other words, they wouldn’t have this “We’ve been doing this for a long time” attitude. Maybe I’ll have them as an underground organization at the school with the leader or or having “experienced” something at some point before the story takes place, but maybe never said anything.

Next are the characters. Naturally, I make character biographies for every character I have in my stories, even small side characters. So let’s look at the cliches I need to fill:

  • Protagonist
  • “The Bro”
  • Love interest 1
  • Love interest 2
  • The mentor
  • Friend’s interest
  • Any family
  • Couple classmates
  • Some teachers
  • People around the town

Anything I missed? Any ideas? Anyone want a character based on themselves?

write a goku x Catdog fanfic with religion as the main topic

Make a world where everyone does exactly has the bible says, and the world sucks due to it.