Dear Sega,

You see what Nintendo did with New Super Mario Bros. Do the same with Sonic. That is all.

I think Sonic Unleashed is fantastic, but I do agree, they should go for a pseudo-3D sidescroller. I don’t know why they don’t. And if they do, I bet you it will be some PSP game.

No it needs to be a console game using next gen graphics but keeps the 2D gameplay that we all have know to love.

Yeah, I hope.

You know what, I think they should do Sonic on XBLA. It’ll be an easier sell for that style of game. It’s a perception thing. And it would be very successful.

Of course put it on PSN aswell.

That’s even better XBL and PSN could be the right place for new 2D Sonic games.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Powered Up for XBLA/PSN/Wiiware.

[li]Innovative Boss Battles![/li]
[li]Cel-shaded, fluid, hyper-colorful 2D graphics![/li]
[li]Actual challenge![/li]
[li]The ability to play as Tails, Knuckles, and Blaze![/li]
[li]Seven Chaos Emeralds and Seven Super Emeralds to collect! Once you’re done, you have to do the ultimate Special stage for the Master Emerald![/li]
[li]Old Enemies return as boss battles! Metal Sonic, Metal Knuckles, Rouge the Bat, Shadow the Hedgehog, the Egg Fleet from Sonic Heroes, and more![/li]
[li]The return of Hyper Sonic, Hyper Knuckles, Hyper Shadow, Super Tails, and a new super form for Blaze![/li]
[li]Fifteen zones, three acts each, fifteen special stages, all to create for the longest, most replayable Sonic game ever![/li]
[li]The return of debug mode, plus the ability to create and send your own levels to your friends, along with custom boss battles from the old Sonic games![/li]
[li]A plot that’s actually epic! (I have a few in mind)[/li]
[li]Four-player race/co-op mode inside of the largest acts in Sonic history![/li]
[li]Unlock official art from all past Sonic games, and cameos from the characters from the Archie series comic book![/li][/ul]

^^My dream Sonic game, right there. Wish it was real. :frowning:


Much better

Alot of the people who worked on Sonic Adventure 2 aren’t even at SEGA anymore. Besides, Sonic Adventure 2 had just as many terrible parts as Sonic Unleashed. =\

This to. I loved the shit out of Sonic Adventure 2. The last stage for Sonic was the best Sonic stage of ALL TIME HANDS DOWN.



I think Sonic Unleashed is better than Adventure 2 to be honest

Or just let BioWare take over the series (Chronicles FTW :smiley: ).

I had a serious problem with that game. Really didn’t like the bit I played of it.

Well then, maybe you should stop eating large burritos. :frown;

Don’t make fun of my stomach ache.

I felt like I was gonna die…

[quote=“nothere413”]Don’t make fun of my stomach ache.

I felt like I was gonna die…[/quote]

Well, you can thank Cortez for stabbing Montezuma in the face all those times, provoking his eternal diarrhea-provoking rage. :frowning:

so, a 4 player co op sonic?

Sonic the hedgehog was exactly that and you see how that turned out. I hope sega improves upon what they did with unleases running sections they were seriously awesome.