DC Universe ✪ Soon to be "DC Universe Infinite" and comics-only


ITT those of us subscribed to DC’s latest stab at our wallets discuss its pros and cons, etc.

Today is the official launch of the service and they added Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. I’m looking for what else they might have added. Content updates will seemingly be weekly, too.

Batman Day lineup.

Lol I own most of that on video. Idk if that is cool or sad.

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I keep thinking this thread is about DC Universe the MMO lol

That’s DC Universe Online.

They’re both online though :stuck_out_tongue:


forgot that game existed. played it til i got stuck

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It can be both

I’m really itching to get that Artemis t-shirt.

I like the idea of being able to search for content by character but it’s not the most accurate.

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Watched the first DC Daily. Equal parts entertaining and cringe. Will probably only watch when a good guest star pops up. It reminded me that DC Black Label is launching Wednesday with Batman: Damned, and I just subbed to it (…on Comixology…)

The web experience is pretty terrible, which is a shame as it’s my preferred access method. The comic reader bugs out every couple pages, and changing settings when reading a comic is painful. The video player consistently chooses a worse quality than the app, and doesn’t support Chromecast to boot (though the app does.) In general the app is just much more polished which is great, I just wish the website was as good.

Episode one of titans is good enough to keep me watching for now. Robin didn’t have any confirmed kills, just a bunch of mutilation. Starfire does kill a man, but that makes sense. Beastboy’s intro is great. I cant wait to see all these characters interact.

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The more I watch of titans, the more i like it. Hawk and Dove are cute. Dick and Rachel have really good chemistry.

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Still have to watch it. Maybe after Daredevil.

Doom Patrol next episode!

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God I love Ryan Potter.

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DC Universe is doing an online poll to see weather or not Jason Todd lives or dies in Titans.

lol Bye Jason

Actually, only like 30% of people have voted to kill him off.

I said that cause our society is crapy and they voted to kill him back in the comics.