Datel launches anti-trust suit on MS for locking out cheaper memory options on 360.

Go Datel Go!

On the one end MS has a right to only allow license products BUT on the other end they are total raping the consumer on memory prices. Sure Sony is still selling an 16mb memory card for the PS2 for $20 but Sony didnt make that the only option for the consumer as they can find cheaper memory cards made by 3rd parties in larger sizes as well.

The fact that MS recently locked these memory cards out is done solely to screw the consumer over and lock them into MS insane prices for memory.

They don’t call em M$ for nothin.


They don’t call em M$Fanboys for nothin.

I’ll admit I really don’t give a shit about this I’m about to get a 120 GB Xbox 360 on Black Friday and I doubt I’ll be using all of that.

I really do hate the memory prices because I have a 20 gig and half of it is already used on game saves, add ons, and videos. The average game hold 6 gigs if you install it which I do. So everytime I want to play a new game I install it.

It’s pretty ridiculous how much they’re charging for hard drives.

I bought the exact hard drive Microsoft uses for the 120 for $50 instead of the usual $150. A friend with some tech knowhow swapped them and transferred my data for me. Totally worth it to be able to have all the games I play regularly installed so that I can keep that infernal jet engine hard drive quiet.

I would have thought so too, I have about 10 gb free on my 120. Installing games is nice if you have a crap disc drive like mine.

On this same thought, I have a 500 gb portable HDD for my laptop on my wishlist this year. Price? $39.99