Darksiders Demo Impressions. The Legend of Zelda's Soul Reaver??

Today a demo of Darksiders was made avaiable on both platforms. The demo is the first dungenon which you can explore for 90 mins. Post some impressions!

Anywho so I’ve been a long time fan of this game and from the very first time it was demoed in Game Informer I thought it looked awesome and way better than the game that was on the cover, Prototype.

For starters the game’s art drew me in with its blend of Blizzard’s Warcraft armor design with a color palette that seems more akin to a comic book. It’s derivative but still appealing. For me art can get me to buy a game (Of course that can blow up in my face like when I bought that piece of shit Eternal Sonata) but after spending an hour with Darksiders it’s clear it has way more than good art going for it.

This game has been described by many as playing out like the Legend of Zelda(Or Soul Reaver minus the items), because you have many dungeons that you enter and solve puzzles, collect items, explore, and fight bosses. In the Darksiders demo these combination of gameplay mechanics seem to work out quite well.

The combat is very Devil May Cry, God of War, Bayonetta…blah blah pick your comparison out of the 3rd person action game hat and you’d be right which isn’t a bad thing. Darksiders combat feels very familiar, fun and fluid which is nice to be able to pick up a game and not have to learn a bunch of new combat moves. What you know from the past staples will serve you just right.

The puzzles on the other hand took me a bit by surprise and they required a fair amount of thought and thinking in a few wacky abstractions. But completing them felt very satisfying.


Looks decent and I’d say very good for a studio’s first game. This demo also has fixed the screentearing issues that were in the 360 version of the game. Played it both on platforms and they both pretty much look the same and have the same amount of texture detail and geometry.

Overall I was quite pleased with it and more excited to pick it up. I hope it does even better b/c it’s always nice to see a new team who made a good game get rewarded with financial success

Since it took its mechanics from Zelda they’d have to mess it up pretty bad for it not to be good.

Wow that art sucks.

^That is great western style action animation. If you cant see that then Japan has put a cataract over your eyes. >_>

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and people are still watching it???


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