Dante's Inferno demo impressions. God of What???

So I sat down with the Dante’s Inferno demo( On PS3 now coming in 2 weeks to 360) and I have to say I was a tad underwhelm. For starters the game runs at a crazy fast 60fps but the game has this insanely CLEAN look to it which gives it this odd early PC game look to it. It really needs an extra post processing filter on top of it to give it a more grainy look.

Combat wise it felt decent, nothing really special as hitting enemies felt more serviceable than fun. I did enjoy the magic attack with the crosses though.

The cut scenes came off as confusing as well. Some of them are in a 2d animated style while the others are in fully rendered 3-d CG, the whole thing just comes off as a mix bag.

So…I really have no idea what Visceral was trying to achieve with this. It doesn’t seem innovate or unique just a God of War clone [SPOILER](Which from what I’ve seen of GoW3 it’s not really doing anything unique either outside of the titan stuff…but at least it looks pretty and has higher production values and the same price)[/SPOILER]. This saddens me b/c with Dead Space it’s clear those guys can make a game that does feel interesting and unique… well maybe that team was already focused on Dead Space 2 instead of Dante’s Inferno…

But ummm still you should buy the shit out of this game! Fuck Yeah! I’m sure it’ll come together in the end and be BAD FUCKING ASS! It’s also got tits in it! Forgot to mention that!


[SPOILER]Buy Bayonetta or wait and see how Castlevania: Lords of Shadow turns out instead. Dont hurt me EA >_<[/SPOILER]

:smiley: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtYzsRMaQpo

:lol Goddamn Phoenix Wright fans are batshit insane :lol :lol