Damn you Apple!

I dunno what it is, but the once-infallible Apple is starting to give me issues.

You know, when Steve started getting sick… my 2006 iMac started experiencing issues. I found that the graphics card (integrated into the motherboard) was slowly dying. It lasted me a good year and a half before the really serious issues caused me to buy a new computer.

Last summer I got another iMac. Runs much faster and smoother. But when I upgraded to 10.7.5 a few days ago, suddenly, problems began to arise…


Now I get to install everything again… on the anniversary of Steve Job’s passing. Coincidence… or Conspiracy?

The spirit of Steve is haunting your stuff. :Q

You need to call an old Apple Genius and a young Apple Genius to exorcise your hardware.

Nasty virus? Perhaps this might help you. reviews.cnet.com/8301-13727_7-57 … ontentBody

Maybe you have this Flashback virus.

On I have no anti-virus program I can recommend because I’m not even sure they have any for mac.

No…definitely the update caused it.

Besides… I’ve had the malware protection installed since even before I found out about it.


As of around 2:30am or so, I’d say upwards of 90% of everything has been restored.

Yeah… I’m gonna complain again about Apple.

Yes, Phil Schiller… the new iMac’s edge IS only 5 millimeters wide. Know why that is? Because you took out the disc drive.

Apple has wiped the optical drive from their new model iMacs (thankfully I got one last year)… and 2 more of their Macbook Pros.

Disc drives need to die. If you want to sideload software USB/SD is a far better option for hardware.

Some of us already have stuff ON discs we need to get at.

Rip them?

I was given advice to get a cheap CD drive because it would only be useful for installing the OS. Ended up getting a DVD burner for $20.

Yeah… I’m gonna do that to the 600 CDs and DVDs I have of backup storage, overnight, on a system that doesn’t have an optical drive. Good idea, Andrex. :slight_smile:

So this is the official apple rant thread? I want to know why I should pay $30-40 for legacy 30 pin support! I can understand not putting a Lightning to 30 pin adapter in every box because some might not need it HOWEVER when Antenna-Gate happened and they had to ship iPhone 4 bumpers to everyone they made sure only iPhone 4 is owners got them by releasing an app that only worked on iPhone 4’s. If I placed an order for a device with a lightnig port on legacy device with a 30pin connection I’m entitled to a goddamn free adapter.

Fuck you cunts who complained about Maps you totally took attention away from the real fucking problem I hope you drive your car into the river!

Also I hope you people making bootable USB thumb drives for your OS are using decent ones cuz a lot of those things are fucking garbage and will die randomly.


Yeah… I’m gonna do that to the 600 CDs and DVDs I have of backup storage, overnight, on a system that doesn’t have an optical drive. Good idea, Andrex. :slight_smile:[/quote]

It’s what I’d do. Clear out some space.


It’s what I’d do. Clear out some space.[/quote]

And you’re process for getting those discs back into storage WITHOUT the optical drive would be… what exactly? Telepathy?


Use an old computer? I know you can’t get rid of anything spooie so you must have dozens around somewhere. :stuck_out_tongue:

You know, I was offered a 19" CRT yesterday and declined.


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This joke didn’t get enough attention. :frown: