Damn This 5-Year-Old Piece of Crap PC

So remember the sound issue I mentioned a week ago? The one where I can’t hear sound on videos through my headphones? The one Axel helped fix?

It’s back. And now even when I reboot my browser, it won’t work. I have to completely reset my computer, and even then it doesn’t stay fixed for more than a few minutes.

It’s actually gotten worse; now I can’t even get sound through my speakers.

I’m a little low on cash right now, so getting it assessed is out of the question.

Anybody know how I can get this fixed?

EDIT: YouTube works fine for whatever reason…or at least it’s working right now. I’m starting to think it might just be embedded videos.


EDIT EDIT: NVM, apparently embed vids work now…


Play the lottery. That sounds like the smart thing to do.

I’d rather just burn my money.

Both good options.

Seriously though, it’s pissing me off, and my family members (AKA the ones with the money to help me out) keep telling me to go fuck myself when I ask for a little bit of help.

Read edit, and fuck technology.

maybe your sound card is starting to die?

Try reinstalling your sound card drivers.

Have you tried new lemon scented Tide with stain blockers?

Are you high?

Sniffed a bit too much lemon scented Tide with stain blockers, it seems.

rushes to Wal*Mart

kill them and steal the money

I don’t live in North Korea.

…I don’t trust that bear for some reason. I doubt it is empathetic to my situation. After all, bears can’t be trusted. At least that’s what Stephen Colbert says…