COVID-19 the plague that’s served with lime

How concerned are you??

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It’s looking like COVID-19 is a real thing in the US. I don’t deal with the public that much at work but I’m still shopping and going out normally so I’m pretty convinced I’ll catch it.

I’m taking more time to wash and sanitize my hands but ultimately there’s only so much you can so. It’s great that they are proposing suspending payroll taxes for the next few months, for many people that could easily be a way to save up for a next gen console!

Well at least right now my area has no cases.

The fact that events in June like E3 are being canceled shows me they expect the virus to be a problem for months.

That’s a big problem because of the knock on effects.

I am pretty concerned. A case was in a city that acts like a hub to our area small towns. I am also a news reporter. Luckily our company head wants everybody who can work from home to do so and this huge dinner I was supposed to cover tonight was cancelled.

Generally I am not very outgoing and stay home anyway when I can but I am still concerned.

Even Tom Hanks and his wife has it!!! lol

I’m not too concerned I do keep up on the news about it. Even though there are 4 cases in Ohio they aren’t close. If we had to close everything down if it got too bad like in Italy I have food and supplies to get me through.

I worry for my mother a little more she has health problems but she doesn’t go out much. After work today I am planning to go to the store for some things for her place just to be safe and call it done since there isn’t much we can actually do just WASH YOUR HANDS!

There’s a case in my county, but they’ve been quarantined so no fears of getting infected (yet.)

But you know what this means? Now if you want to read a comic book, you’re gonna have to wash your hands every time you turn the page.

Turn the page. Wash your hands.
Turn the page. Wash your hands.
And then you turn the page. And then you wash your hands.

New York has the second largest infection in the country. Apparently one of the students at the college a little way from where I work has it. Two of the students at my supervisor’s kid’s school were asked to voluntarily quarantine themselves.

Is it infectious? Sure. Could I catch it? Possibly. Am I worrying about it? Not really.

Going by actual science and numbers, a full year ago there were 45 million people that had flu symptoms, 21 million that went to the doctor, 810,000 that were hospitalized and 61,000 deaths.

This is ONLY the United States, mind you.

Currently, there are 29 deaths from the coronavirus and a couple hundred infected in the US.

We’re currently 2000 times more likely to die from the common flu this year… and every other year. So why is no one panicking over that?

I do need to stop licking things, though.

We are preparing for ours soon.

Well they have been quarantined after showing symptoms. So they could have been spreading it around 2 weeks before symptoms showed… lol But let’s hope for the best.

@barcster2003 Yeah I work from home already most days, was weird to get used to at first when I started years ago but now I LOVE it.

Be happy our quarantines are pretty tame.

Really happy

They were quarantined right after coming back from a trip to China.

But I definitely don’t think this means the county’s gonna be immune to it. It’s gonna be a matter of when, really.

Well, I work in a hospital where we currently have two patients who have the virus. One just tested positive today in fact. The expectation over the coming months is that we’ll see plenty more. So because I work in a building with people who have it, and because I’m around people who work directly with patients who have it even though I don’t work directly with patients myself, my chances are higher than most I suppose. From what I understand it’s basically a nasty flu that doesn’t pose any kind of dire threat to a person in good health with a good immune system, which I am, so worst case scenario is I get it, spend some time on short-term disability, keep myself quarantined during that time, and then resume life as normal once it’s out of my system.

At the end of the day, the virus is going to spread far and wide and some people, mostly the elderly, are going to die from it. However, the second coming of the Black Death this is not. Wash your hands, work from home if you can, avoid unnecessary contact with strangers. That’s all you can really do.


Worrying about Mr and Mrs Tom Hanks and how it affects our day jobs over here. Also getting a looot of emails from restaurants offering free delivery in response to this big fat plague

There are now 5 cases in Ohio but they are all way up north from where I am. But that hasn’t stopped the massive closing of every school in the state and most large events, shows and museums. People are buying all the toilet paper but since I’m single I have all the TP I need for like a year lol…:sob:

Also today is the last day I have work for two weeks because nobody is willing to come into the office so they decided to close. Plus with all the schools closing lots of people are having to stay home with their kids.

An employee at Nintendo of America in Redmond has tested positive for COVID-19 and had contact with other Nintendo workers, the video game company confirmed Thursday evening.

All Nintendo employees who were in contact with the person who tested positive are in self-quarantine, whether they have symptoms or not, Nintendo of America wrote in a statement.

“Nintendo of America is supporting this individual as they recover and will continue to take precautions to safeguard the health and well-being of all our employees and the broader community,” the statement said.

Nintendo is allowing all employees in Washington state and California to work from home.

Nintendo has employees in CA? Devs or marketing?

I have no idea.

Apparently they have an office in Redwood California.

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I’d do anything for that. Days on end of Animal Crossing for me it would be.

ANIMAL CROSSING IS THE ANTIDOTE. Stay inside, enjoy your own little town of cute animal villagers and DO NOT spread the virus!

Animal Crossing need an “outbreak” mode where that dog has to cancel his concert.


I live my life through raimimemes