Counter-Strike 2 vs. Portal 2?

What should Valve develop besides Episode 3?

  • Counter-Strike 2
  • Portal 2
  • Opposing Force 2
  • Day of Defeat 2

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I watched the recent episode of GameTrailers TV and at the part about sequels for Counter-Strike and Portal have been discussed, he asked what would be more important to develop first.

Although Portal 2 is likely going to win, I believe Counter-Strike 2 would be a better choice because it will likely follow the same format which works well and might probably convince the MW2 crowd to join (if it goes to consoles along with PC).

Portal 2 besides that it will be canon to Half-Life and the annoying reception to an annoying song wouldn’t really be that interesting to play unless something like multiplayer will be in there although the people at Valve feel less receptive.

None. Team Fortress updates on consoles.

Portal 2. The first Portal is too damn short.

Increase player size too, PC matches are hectic!


No point in updating Counter Strike, no one seems to like any changes on that.

I feel like Portal is the right size any longer and I would have just got bored with the whole thing.

So I want Portal 2 as a digital download for XBLA

Absolutely not. I prefer the smaller match sizes.

That’s because your attention span is below average. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well if I had health insurance I’d sort this whole ADD matter out :stuck_out_tongue:

Then it’s no fun.

Portal 2
Haven’t played CS in years.