Cool World was kinda lame...

But maybe this will be better?

Game isn’t even out yet or really popular and hyped up how does this happen?

Beats me I don’t really know jack about dark void currently. The only thing I know about it is you are a guy with a jetpack and its sci-fi. The Mortal Kombat movie is pretty much the only live action videogame movie that’s any good.

Reminds me of the dark age of independent comic books from the 90s, when someone who was “well known” in the industry would create a company over the course of a night, and then announce they’re coming out with some uber new comic that is already a “best seller” in preview orders. Suddenly, they have toy deals and cartoon deals and movie deals and toilet seat cover deals in the works, which take up all their time. Finally, about 18 months later, the long delayed first issue ships out, sells around 4 copies. Over the course of the next 2 years, the comic becomes a “limited series” with 3 more issues slowly making it out, until the series is canned before the final 2 issues hit the market. Then the creator of the comic announces that he’s come up with a completely different, new comic, to re-start the process, at a completely different, new studio, to launch it.

You mean like “Wanted” and “Kick-Ass” are doing right now?

For lack of a better word… yes. :smiley: