Controller Trouble

I’m having some problems with my SIXAXIS controller.

For some reason, the left analog stick gets stuck whenever I move it too slow. This keeps it going in the down direction and causes me to run down whenever playing a game.

I need a quick fix until I have enough money for a new DualShock 3 (Which is now my top buying priority).

Any suggestions? I’ve already tried cleaning out the little ball part of the analog stick.

This is the one I hope to get since GameStop is bringing it to NA.

My sixaxis flips out sometimes and stops working for about 5 seconds its annoying.

Yeah… DualShock 3 should be alot better. SIXAXIS is probably the worst thing Sony has ever done.

Oh that happened to me like a year ago yeah it can be kinda annoying but I got a DS3 so I just make my friends use that controller :stuck_out_tongue:

Many analog sticks do this, I can count one N64, 3 GC, 1 PS, 1 360 controller I’ve had that sticks have gotten out of whack on.