Competitive/Advanced Gaming Discussion

I wanted to make this thread after we did the next podcast, but I decided to make it now.

So this thread is going to be about competitive gaming in general. Talk about Fighting games, FPSes, RTSes, Speedrunning, whatever. If it can be played competitively, it can be discussed here.

So let’s kick this thread off with this:


Nintendo World Championships 2015 is going to have 7 mystery games, and Splatoon.

Also want to post this:


Well we will have to see what Nintendo does with the Nintendo World Championships.

Here’s my predictions for the games:
Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros. 3
Dr. Mario
Donkey Kong Country
Smash 4
Mario Kart 8
New Super Mario Bros. U

Also, it’s cool that 5 of the people invited to compete are speedrunners. Though the only one I heard of is Trihex because he speedruns Yoshi’s Island.

I was hoping they would have something between the SNES and Wii U. Punch Out Wii or Wii Sports maybe. Going off [strike]rumors[/strike] hopes of a Wii U Kid Icarus Uprising, they could have Kid Icarus Uprising in there, and Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon could be in there too.

Well that’s interesting


Well, he was already banned at EVO because he was just released, but it looks like he’s banned from all tournaments until after Nintendo/Namco patches this.

[strike]There was also another infinite, but I can’t find the Vine it was in.[/strike]

Here’s that other infinite:

Haven’t there been other 0-deaths in Smash 4 though? And those characters weren’t banned. Ice Climbers in Melee aren’t banned and they have an infinite chain grab. Even Metaknight wasn’t completely banned until a few years into Brawl’s life.

As far as we know, all the DLC characters including Ryu will be playable at CEO next week.

Anyways, I’ve been hitting the training room in Smash 4 trying to get the hang of perfect pivots and fast-falling. Fast-falling I’ve been able to do for a while but shot-hop fast-falling + side aerials are still really hard for me. Especially since Villager’s slingshot doesn’t seem to work if you’re too close to the ground (even though it makes the sound.)

I’ve been tempted to give up on Villager for the time being and go back to my old main Luigi since apparently he’s high tier in this game, but Villager is so much fun to play as and his taunts are god-tier. I just wish he wasn’t quite so slow. When I play as Luigi I feel like a hot knife floating through butter when in the air. Villager is like a fork through margarine.


Not ones that seem 100% guaranteed as far as I know. If there are any, you’ll have to show me.

They are banned at EVO though, they won’t be banned afterwards of course.

But yeah, Nintendo’s most likely gonna patch it out anyway, so we’ll wait and see.

So I looked more into the SFV footage, and it looks like it won’t have the Ultra/Revenge mechanic like it did before. Looks like it’s replaced with the V-Triggers (which I honestly don’t know what to think about it right now,) and the bar below the health bar is now the guard bar. Also, it looks easier to combo in this game, like similar to SFII or III maybe; probably easier than that.

I think V will be better than IV anyhow, but we’ll see how it stands up to the rest.

Super Smash Con is August 6 to 9. :slight_smile:

My sister came close to destroying me last night in Smash 4 with Mii Brawler. So much hitstun and super armor. :neutral_face: I feel like a failure. She barely plays lol. :frowning:

I had a similar experience with my brother-in-law at an amusement park yesterday. He won 5-3 in Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 because I couldn’t jump. (Also I kept failing to do the Hyper Sentinel Force loop.) I should totally ask him for a rematch.

Yeah she uses the same moves over and over so I feel like I’d do much better if we played again, but still.

BTW are you playing tonight?

It’s Saturday. He’s drinking tonight.

Nah I’m in CT playing MK8 with my sis.

Ya know, it’s a shame I can’t watch it because I have company over hogging the internet,



Some kind of crazy Pacman glitch was introduced in 1.0.8.


Villager WHO?!

[quote=“Giggler”]LOLLLLLL TROLLLLLL!

Villager WHO?![/quote]

Betch you better be entering the tourney after this trash talk.