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Because I’ll be damned if I become a comic book geek all by myself.

Since I’m a DC guy I won’t be following or talking about Marvel stuff much. For me, the comics universe revolves around Tim Drake (Robin #3 / Red Robin), with Batman, Nightwing, and the Teen Titans orbiting around that. I also read The Walking Dead and some indie books occasionally.

comics are cool

i have dc universe: the stories of alan moore and black kiss trades, but haven’t started them yet. as for monthlys, i’m reading all star western, justice league dark, swamp thing, and hellblazer. i was reading much more when the new 52 thing started up but honestly i’m not as into comics as i once was, so a majority of them bored me.

always been more of a dc guy, but i read marvel on occasion (i really dig the cosmic stuff). also i’m sure there’s an entire world of awesome indie stuff that i haven’t really explored, so i wanna get in on that one day.

Yeah I wanna check out the indie stuff too, and maybe make my own comic one day. :Q That’d be cool. Always getting ideas…

And if you hadn’t noticed Tim/Red Robin is my favorite superhero now, and it pains me to see how not only did his own comic get cancelled in the move to DCnU (especially considering his own comic was awesome), but the artist who draws the Teen Titans is just… a bad artist. Case in point:

Current Teen Titans artist.


Red Robin series artist Marcus To.

I mean WTF. Marcus’ Tim Drake is perfect, but instead of TT they put him on Batwing. Batwing?! What the hell is Batwing?!

Speaking of Batman: You should read,

The Long Halloween
The Killing Joke
A Serious House on Serious Earth
The Dark Knight Returns
Batman: Year One

Preacher is something you HAVE to read. I’ve read it a few years ago and thought it was amazing.

I’ve got The Long Halloween (and Dark Victory, but that wasn’t as good) and it’s my favorite graphic novel of all time. Wanna rent the Year One movie that just came out. Dunno if I wanna read The Killing Joke since I already got the gist of it, and the other two I know are required reading.

I also wanna get Joker, it got really great reviews, as well as Hush and Knightfall. And of course, Final Crisis, RIP, Battle for the Cowl, and Batman & Robin.

long halloween, killing joke, and year one are all amazing. also i want to check out preacher.

Q: What does a homosexual do in the movie theather?
A: Watchmen

So Preacher is actually good? I kinda assumed it was all just grimdark 90’s jank.

i’ve heard nothing but great things about it.

Yep it’s good.

I read it a few years ago, and it never felt it came from the 90s.

Written by PETER J. TOMASI
Art and cover by PATRICK GLEASON and MICK GRAY
On sale JUNE 13 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

• Someone calls a meeting of the ROBINS, but who and why? And will the exiled and egotistical RED HOOD answer the call?

• RED ROBIN learns of DAMIAN’S betrayal – but how long will the youngest ROBIN’S lack of discipline stand?

• Many of Gotham City’s villains blame BATMAN for their downfall, but what happens when they stand together in a pact to bring the DARK KNIGHT down?[/quote]

I like the sound of this. :open_mouth: Definitely checking this out, heck, might as well follow the whole B&R series now.

Awwww yeeeaaah. Court of the Owls just ended and not it’s time for Mr. Bad Guy himself to show his (new) face in the DC rebootverse for the first time. Can’t wait for Scott Snyder’s go at the Clown Prince. … ection/501

Bane sale on Comixology! Get the lowdown on the character who is very nearly entirely different from the one in TDKR!

Just read The Walking Dead #100 and I didn’t think it was as bad as everyone said. Kind of sad, but that’s the way things go in this comic. Chad are you all caught up? I never did ask how far you got in the comics.

You should read The Killing Joke, Trex.

I’m getting to it. I recently got The Dark Knight Returns but haven’t really started it yet.

Two days, y’all!

Batman #13 hits on October 10 and features the first appearance of the Joker since September 2011’s Detective Comics #1 (where another villain removed his face, after which he promptly went into hiding.) The story arc we’re heading into, and which permeates all the Bat-books, is titled “Death of the Family,” playing on 1988’s “A Death in the Family,” which famously killed off the second Robin, Jason Todd. The reference is obviously saying “this is going to be like that, but it’s going to affect everyone, not just Batman and Robin.”

Writer Scott Snyder has been hyping this for months, if not a whole damn year. If you wanna get into Batman comics, there will be no better time. This event is going to rock the Bat-verse, I can sense it.

I am hyped. Just started reading comics last year, just the batman though. I just moved though, so I have no comic store close like when I was in NYC. Anywhere cheap to buy it online besides amazon?


Batman #13 was amazing. In one issue, Scott Snyder puts the last 10 years of Bat-books to shame.