Cheap stuff you should buy

If you have an Xbox 360, you should get this game: … _sim_vg_80

I second this notion. A few months ago I mentioned lame stop selling this for 4.99 new so I bought it instantly. I already had lumines and Rez but I always wanted lumines on disc. It felt great adding it to my collection

I was looking at getting REZ so this is great! Thanks!

If you end up loving REZ (hard not to) you should look into Child of Eden… a sort of prequel to REZ. You can find it for 10 bucks every once in a while. Great thing is that it’s not limited to whatever motion crap you use on your console of choice, it works with controllers too.

Yeah I got that and then I remembered REZ and was pleasantly surprise to find an HD version on Xbox live.

Indeed, but usually the game card version is much cheaper on Ebay. … 20d6112c7b

MS often buys a shitton of popular games for hardware bundles in the form of these game cards but they often end up dumping them with their wholesalers which then get dumped on Ebay for super cheap.

Child of Eden is only like 2GB so it shouldn’t take up too much space.

This is just an excuse to post this here. I thought we had an eBay thread or a deals thread or something. Maybe I’m misremembering Slack. In retrospect, maybe not so cheap as a whole… but still it looks nice. Wasn’t sure if anyone would bite, but I guess someone has. Under an hour left.


I should point out, that’s not my collection. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I didn’t think it was but it is just a hell of a collection and probably a good value.