Casual MMO

Does such a thing really exist? Ok, I’m not talking about simple MMO communities, but games. I’ve had this gaming itch for years that I havn’t been able to scratch since I gave up Everquest when my first son was born. I spent some time in Everquest…ok, replace some with a metric shitload of time, 400+ days played over 4 years (yes, days, as in 24 hour periods). Needless to say I was over playing that, but as anyone who’s ever played it knows, it’s a huge time investment to play at the end game. I’ve tried out a few other minor MMoRPG’s since then (Rubies of Eventide, Eternal Lands, ect) but havn’t found a good fit. I’ve also been hoping for a good console MMORPG or similar that isn’t just about grinding.

At this point though, I’m looking for something more casual and fun, but still a place I could get to know people and place and have fun relating to. If anyone has thoughts and ideas, I’m open to them (keep in mind one thing, my comp I have now isn’t that great, 1.5 Pent 768m mem, but I hope to be replacing it before the year is out). I havn’t tried yet, but I do think this PC could JUST handle wow on minimum settings (and no, I’ve never tried it). Oh, I suppose a good MMO other than an RPG could work also, but I havn’t tried any.

So, suggestions?


Free Realms

I can’t find it on PS3, how come? :frowning:

I’m actually gonna go ahead and say that is probably a pretty good game for what he’s asking for.

I enjoyed Runescape when I played it and the membership made the game more than playable… it was actually kind of fun.

The only problem is the userbase. A bunch of screaming whining kids. The Quests are original enough in the member’s section and I’d reccomend it to anyone who is looking for an MMO that won’t tie them down.

Needless to say, I wouldn’t become a member right away.

That’s one thing I’ve ment to check out, but it’s not out on PS3…yet.

I’m at work so I’m just going to list them in a crappy way since I don’t have an ‘enter’ option: FlyfF, Maple Story, SMT Imagine Online (just added PvP), umm…I know of more of them but my mind is going blank.

Battlefield: Heroes. Not MMO but very casual and no real grinding.

Ah… beat me to it!