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[i]After seven unlucky years, man sues for Axe 'failure’
By staff writers | November 02, 2009

Article from:
AN Indian man claims he has been cheated by the cosmetics firm that makes popular deodorant Lynx after failing to land a girlfriend for the past seven years.

Vaibhav Bev has been using Lynx deodorant since 2002, in the hope the company’s promotional campaign - which features scantily clad women throwing themselves at men - had some basis in real life.

Mr Bev is suing the maker of Lynx - marketed as Axe in his home country - for more than $100,000, seeking compensation for “depression and psychological damage”.

“I used it for seven years but no girl came to me,” he told the Daily Record.

Indian compensation lawyer Ram Jethmalani advised the company that makes Axe, Unilever, to settle out of court.

He said any claims by Unilever that Mr Bev failed to find a girlfriend because he was unattractive were unlikely to succeed.

“In fact, some of the best-looking women have been known to marry and date absolutely ghoulish guys,” he told the Daily Record.

Unilever has so far declined to comment on the case. [/i]


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