Can't get a PS3

Anyone know why its so hard to find a PS3?? I have been looking everywhere for one for my dad and together we just cant seem to find one…any thoughts or any idea on how to get one would be awesome thanks

Oh wow, really?

They have them in abundance around here.

Your best bets would be to check Wal-Mart, Toys ‘R’ Us, and Gamestops near you.

Dude where have you been? :Q

Ohh wow Sony wasnt joking when they said they would be low on stock, both Amazon and are sold out.

Your best bet is probably Gamestop just call them early in the morning and they should be able to tell you if some are coming in on the truck that day.

Supposedly its a manufacturer change and Sony has lowered supply.

I just bought one, like today. just walked into the local games store, bought one, and brought (pre-purchase) FFXIII. I also debated that, I like 360 controls better, but hmm, really, PS3 or 360 for FF XIII? Given both choices, it was PS3.

On that same note, it’s gonna be nice having one again, I’ve been without since summer. Now if I can only find that memory stick with all my backed up data and saves.

The lack of money is keeping me away from the PS3. Which sucks because God Of War III is coming out in a couple of weeks.