Can we have a Paper Mario thread?

I vote yes.

-Which was your favorite?

-Do you like the new style of the series vs. the “every single enemy” is a different battle?

-What do you think the new one (whenever it is released) should include?

Personally my favorite was the first. Everything was so intriguing. I thought the second was the weakest, the story wasn’t as compelling. The third was cool. I really liked not having to go into a new battle for every enemy engaged. Regardless, I love me some Paper Mario.

Personally, I like this one…

Been playing through the first on VC for… a while now. I think I stopped playing at the flower garden.

Thousand-Year Door is my favorite.

Paper Mario on the 64 is pure sex.

@spooie, where did you find that?

@Andrex, if you can get it for the N64 do it. It plays so well with the 64 controller.

It plays well enough on the Classic Controller too. It’s not like Sin & Punishment where the gameplay is almost supposedly completely broken, this is a turn-based RPG after all.

[quote=“mr_knucklehead”]@spooie, where did you find that?

spooie has everything.

I bought it at KBToys back around 1992 or so on clearance for $2.99, when the thing normally cost $20. Suckers.

I used to have a bunch of the old Valiant Nintendo comics, like Adventures of Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros 3, Captain N and Zelda. In fact, I had a Captain N paperback collection too at one point, but I think it got lost during one of our family’s moves.

It was rather different from the TV, since neither MegaMan nor Simon Belmont were in it. Instead, Samus Aran hung out with the group.

I haven’t played the new one.

I loved the first two though, first one was the bomb. Second one was…alright…

I admit, I haven’t played any of them.

I seriously want to play at least the first one.