Breaking news, XBL update screws XBL...

Not that that’s anything new. All Arcade games, that came out today at least(including the one I’ve been waiting a year for) are broken, purchasable but not DLable.

That sucks…

Any official statements from MS?

Official word from Wizard! (AKA those guys at Hasbro that run Magic)

Hey guys,

Thanks everyone for their enthusiasm! We’ve received word from Microsoft that there is an issue affecting all the games that were set to release today, Duels included. The download function is live throught the Mrketplace and the XBLA site, but the game gets stuck at 1%. They are working hard to correct the issue as soon as possible.

We’re very excited about Duels launching today, and hopefully you’ll all be battling in the Multiverse soon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ll post an update when I get one.

Matt Tabak
Magic/MTGO Product Expert
Game Support
Wizards of the Coast[/quote]
that was at 11am

Note: It’s not just new games either, I tried Dling the original Puzzle Quest demo and it’s down too.

XBL working now, more or less, I’m up WAY too late playing Magic the Gathering…