Bought my first Wii game.

My wife bought it early this year and except for Wii Sports I on play the game I have downloaded. Until today. I bought this game…

and fucking love it.
It doesn’t look as good as the 360/PS3 versions but the Wii Motion Plus makes up for it big time.:stuck_out_tongue:

Getting it soon, can’t wait.

Hope you check out other Wii games as well.

Any other games comming bundled with WM+? (Sports Resort?)

Grand Slam Tennis (in Europe) and Red Steel 2. I also think there might be a Virtua Tennis 2009 bundle, but I’m not entirely sure.

Well, at least I want Red Steel 2

And also, Zelda.

Yes, I also want Zelda, she’s hot, in a very “I might be an elf kinda but we don’t really know what” kinda way.

I will get the next Zelda when it comes out. Loved Twilight Princess on the GC.

Pfffft golf games.