Bionic Commando Review Thread of HOLY EFFFING SHIIII

Platforms: PS3/360/PC
Developer: GRIN
Publisher: Capcom

Every so often a game comes along and is great despite having some very glaring flaws Bionic Commando is one of those games.

Bionic Commando tells the story of Nathan Spencer a man who has lost his wife and is armed with a Bionic arm. After spending many years in jail after Bionic individuals were hunted down and killed Nathan is given a mission to help save the world…errr or something… honestly this is one of those glaring flaws I mentioned earlier. Bionic Commando’s story is horseshit it’s nothing that even warrants more than two sentences trying to explain.But it never gets in the way of the shining feature of the game which is the combat and exploration.

Bionic Commando’s combat is a mix of shooting, grabbing on an enemy and slamming into them, and jumping in the air and slamming your body on the ground and stunning enemies. It a mix of these 3 gameplay mechanics that makes Bionic Commando feel fresh and unique and one of the best games I’ve ever played.

You find yourself in these strange situations like grappling on a building or a tree to hide from an enemy and then when the moment is right you just slam down on ground stun him, grapple on him kick him in the back and spray him full of bullets. It’s an experience that might sound dull in text but in the mist of an intense fire fight it’s exhilarating. The bosses are tough yet so rewarding when you defeat them.

Inbeweteen the combat is minor exploration but the levels are pretty linear but what makes it all so enjoyable is the swinging mechanic. It may take awhile to get use to but when you get the hang of it the sense of speed and that you get an vertigo you get is great. It never feels dull it’s always exciting swinging from one object to another.

Making it more enjoyable is the lush visuals in the game. Grin did a great job with texture detail and motion blur and the framerate seems grounded at 40FPS reaching upwards of 60 FPS.

Overall despite the flaws Bionic Commando is a great game it’s among my Top 10 games ever. It’s a game that I will forever be burned into the ether of my mind. Every combat situation stands out as swear fun and the bosses were some of the most epic and difficult encounters I’ve ever had in a game.


Sounds exactly like Spider-man: Web of Shadows.

I’ll stick with

He’s just way more badass in the NES version…

Too bad nobody bought this.