Bethesda 2010

So… Bethesda Softworks has two major games lined up for 2010. The Elder Scrolls V, and Fallout: New Vegas. Which one would you say you are the most excited for? Keep in mind that Fallout: New Vegas is only being published by Bethesda and that Obsidian Entertainment (The developer behind KOTOR II: The Sith Lords and Neverwinter Nights 2) is developing it. It will, however, be using the same combat system and major elements of Fallout 3.

I’m gonna say that I’m more excited for The Elder Scrolls V because, although I love Fallout 3, I prefer Oblivion and Morrowind’s (the only two I’ve played) signature beauty and gameplay. I hope that they sign on Jeremy Soule to compose the soundtrack for this next game as well. The recently announced Fallout 3 DLC coming to the PS3 may however, change my mind on this matter.

Your thoughts?

They are not developing Vegas Obsidian is. To answer your question I’m more interested in the next Elder Scrolls game than the next Fallout from another developer I want Elder Scrolls 5 but with less ugly faces, kids, and improved graphics.

Fallout will be amazing, but I would like a new elder scrolls game. Oblivion was so fun I need another game like that.

I prefer medieval over “modern” and enjoyed Oblivion more than Fallout.

So I’m dying for Elder Scrolls V.

Read the fucking post. I said that.

Im more excited about Bethesda working on a mature Wii title. Out of these games on the other hand a new Oblivion would be bad ass!

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why the faceplam my friend? something not right?

A: Bethesda isn’t working on ANY Wii titles.
B: It would be “The Elder Scrolls V”, not “Oblivion Something”.

[quote=“nothere413”]A: Bethesda isn’t working on ANY Wii titles.
B: It would be “The Elder Scrolls V”, not “Oblivion Something”.[/quote]

A: Read my new thread and you will see I am in fact right about Bethersda working on a Wii title as a matter a fact they are working on TWO

B: Well so many others said an Oblivion type game so I just generalized it. A Medieval game is much more interesting to me.

Can you see how I might have known that?

No but its ok…no worries man. Just saying its exciting to hear that and yeah elder scrolls all the way.