Best Game of 1998

Spyro the Dragon (1 Vote)

Pokemon Red and Blue (1 Vote)

Unreal (1 Vote)

Star Wars Rogue Squadron

Tekken 3

Resident Evil 2

Star Craft (3 Votes)

Half Life (1 Vote)

Metal Gear Solid (4 Votes)WINNER

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (2 votes)

Klonoa: Phantom Door of Phantomile

Baldurs Gate

Banjo Kazooie

Guilty Gear

Grim Fandango (1 Vote)

Street Fighter Alpha 3

World Cup 98 (1 Vote)

Xeno Gears

Gran Tourismo

Sorry I was late, hectic week. I will let this go through the weekend, so 1998 & 1999 will go on at the same time and voting for both will be closed on Monday

No Spyro, no vote.

Wow, worst year of videogames. Thats really all that came out?

Uhh… I gotta go with Sonic Adventure…

Pokemon Blue (and Red)


The first one’s on this list? Surprising.

Anyway, I’ll pick Metal Gear Solid.

Half-Life without a doubt. But god damn PC gaming was on FIRRRRRRRE in 1998.

Has to be Zelda, see, it says it right there on it’s box!

Even though I did not play it till 2003 it would have to be Metal Gear Solid. That game changed my gaming life.


Grim Fandango si!

I know it came out in '98, but does anyone else find it amuing that the cover of LoZ:OoT has the “Best Game of 1999” award? That’s the game that gets my vote, by the way.

Well, it was released pretty late in '98. A lot of magazines cover their best games of the year around late in the summer or earlier in the fall so it didn’t make the cut for '98.

I really can’t decide for this one because so many great PC titles were released at that year. I’ll pick Unreal.

That label is a lie. :plain;

World Cup 98 in my opinion stands as probably the best sports sim game ever

Accidentally put sonic in the wrong year, swiping him of the list.

Starcraft and if you disagree you are small time.

You mean that casual game?

This is actually a bit of a tough call, but my answer is Starcraft.

Also, OoT is a piece of shit and HL is meh.