Be honest. Am I the only one that...

Never got the whole appeal of the Earthworm Jim franchise?

I can appreciate it for being wacky and out there and different… but I just never “got” what made the games so great.

Never got the franchise either. Or for that matter Toejam and Earl.

I never gave it much thought too. I was too enthralled with Tim Schaffer at the time.

ToeJam and Earl I got… the first one, anyway. But it was really only fun with 2 players. I OWN the second one, but it just never had the charm of the original. Never played the other 2 games.

You WOULD be.

You know, Tim Schafer will be on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight.

Is it about Brutal Legend? Schweet. I need to find my remote.

I loved it. The style was so demented and the music matched I felt it was a really atmospheric platformer.

I’ve never had anything against it, it’s just that it was before my time as a gamer. I didn’t really start gaming until the late 90s, after the advent of 3D. As a result, I’ve never liked sidescrollers. I find them much too primitive and limited to enjoy.

Wow. Are YOU ever deprived. :confused;

This explains a lot.

Interesting how perspective changes things. You think me deprived because I came after an older era of games, yet I think you (and others) strange for finding enjoyment in something so dull and overly simplistic by today’s standards. And I’m sure future generations playing games that put today’s tech to shame will view my enjoyment of current games in a similar fashion. And so on and so forth until technology reaches its zenith or video games fall by the wayside as an outdated form of entertainment.

Yes, earthworm jim is fucking amazing

What does that explain to you exactly?

Oh yes perspective changes quite a bit. Again I remember blowing into NES cartridges and trying to get them to hook on the console to work you’d probably think that’s insane. Its funny that it works for other forms of entertainment as well its curious as to what younger people’s thoughts are on movies, TV, Anime, ect from quite a while ago. I’m betting most people don’t even know what laserdiscs are.

Also there are quite a few gems in old entertainment. Without some of these games your favorite franchises wouldn’t exist certianly if Final Fantasy had did bad Square wouldn’t have even been making games there’s a reason they called it Final Fantasy it had the possibility of being the only game in the series. I honestly find if funny some of the things that were big are still insanely big maybe not quite as much but they are still big like Street Fighter and Pokemon.

Honestly outdated but its one of the biggest games ever. Over 30 million people played this version. You probably think its nuts but I remember how crazy it really was.

Remembering games from a while ago is why Korea is going to go nuts when Starcraft II comes out.

A lot of things.

Right. You never did have anything to say huh?

I do. Unlike some people I know when and how to avoid a flamewar though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Like the one you’re trying to instigate right now.

I don’t think you’re deprived because you came after an older era of games. I think you’re deprived because you’ve shrugged off greatness for something that’s simply eye candy.

That’s not to say that 2D games are superior to 3D games, but there are just as many great games (if not more) in the oldschool style as their are in today’s world. In fact, 4 of my 5 favorite games are sidescrollers, and they still stand up against any newer games I’ve played.

I would never say that BOOKS are bad to read, because now we have the internet for literature, or that FILMS are bad to watch, because now we have digital and can manipulate what we see and post things on youtube. I wouldn’t say COMICS are bad, because now we can watch our superheroes move freely on TV and in the Cinema. And I wouldn’t say that WATER is simplified because we can drink Kool-Aid either.

Find me any game in the last 10 years that is more better constructed than Super Metroid is, with all it’s secrets and pathways and the progression of the game. Go on. I’ll wait.

Games may look prettier today, but that doesn’t specifically mean that they PLAY better.

Of course, if people don’t know what laserdiscs are, that’s not due to lack of caring on their part. It’s due to lack of educating them on OUR part.

Ah, I see you managed to utterly ignore what I said about perspective. I don’t deny the greatness of older generations of games, I simply put it in perspective. The Ford Model T was once the greatest thing since sliced bread. Would you rather drive it around town than a Mercedes E550? The blunderbuss was once the close range firearm of choice. Would you rather use one of those than a Remington 870?

Does this mean that all old games are just shit and should be ignored for all time? Of course not. I’d still like to drive a Model T for novelty’s sake every now and then, or get some practice with antique guns just to see what they’re like compared to things we’ve got now. But that doesn’t mean I consider them great by modern standards.

To write off my view as simply being enamored of “eye candy” is incredibly ignorant. And as for your comment about Super Metroid, why should I bother? I’d give you a list of about 100 games I’ve played in the last 15 years that I consider better in every way and you’d just come back with essentially a “no u” and go off onto another misplaced rant that fails to address the point I was making in the first place.

You said you found sidescrollers primitive and limited, since you were brought up in the Era of 3D, and dull and simplistic by today’s standards. Yet, you give not a single example. You just make a blind statement. And then you ASSUME for how future generations will think, and what I think about you.

So, how is one supposed to access a comment like that without thinking you’re attracted to games because of eye candy? I mean, I’m going by the statements you provide me. Was it an arrogant thing for me to say? Perhaps. But that doesn’t excuse the arrogant things you said either.

Fact of the matter is that I don’t think any less of you because you came from an older era of gaming. But I am disappointed that you don’t care enough to make an attempt to experience the greatness of what came before you.

Which car would I prefer to drive? I would prefer to experience driving any car I could, because experience is the key to a meaningful life.

Unfortunately, is seems instead of having a meaningful, insightful conversation with contrasting ideas, you’d much rather bow out of providing sort of insight into reasoning on your end. And that’s a shame.

There’s a reason why Earthworm Jim is an earthworm. :smiley: