Bayonetta with gets a A from 1up

First good game of 2010:cool;

Also 9.5 from dat ign

So did Wii Music, your point?

Actually Wii Music just got an A-, but still.

Cool beans.

Imma have to hit that whore up when she’s $40 :cool;

[quote=“Andrex”]So did Wii Music, your point?

Actually Wii Music just got an A-, but still.

Yeah, but wasn’t it a woman that reviewed Wii Music?

1up only gave Wii Music a A- to temporarily throw off Nintendo fanboys so they could continue their plans with destroying all things Nintendo.


Not that it matters now that IGN has fallen to them, completely knocking the wind out of my fanboyism.

Bayonetta also got a 9.0 in the Official Xbox Magazine. I believe that Bayonetta will be the first sleeper hit of next year.


Games Radar Gave Bayonetta a 10 out of 10

Not unless y’all get out there and buy the damn game. :neutral_face:

cant wait to rent it and not buy it full price

I don’t have money and I’ll be FUCKING lucky to get the Collector’s Edition of Mass Effect 2 or the regeular edition for that matter.

I’ve got to say this is where my interest falls also.

Then there’s Splinter Cell Conviction also

Well, different priorities for different minorities.

I’ve heard that GameStop might be getting this in early since it’s street dated. It would be amazing if I got it this Thursday or Friday since I’m off work Friday through Sunday (not to mention I get off early Thursday) this week. :smiley:

I’m interested in playing it since I liked the demo, but not a full price. This will be something I’ll get when it drops to around $20 or so.

I would rent it. I hope it’s more like Devil May Cry 3 than DMC4. Not that DMC4 is a bad game, it’s pretty good, but DMC3 is better.

Hmm yeah this game can probably be beaten pretty fast and its not likely something you’ll return to. I do have to say its a lot easier to justify buying games at $20. This game feels very Devil May Cry but with a witch.

I liked 4 better than 3. The ability to use all styles and weapons all the time opened up combat tremendously and made it deeper and more fun to play.



You’d they’d pick some better quotes… They should have at least had better review quotes from print publications ahead of time…