Bayonetta Demo Impressions: J-pop, guns, and nekkid womanz

The demo is out for all superior console owners who have accounts in all moonspeak regions.

Ok so I started out a Bayonetta hater, she looked too ugly and that game just looked bland. Around TGS last year I became a beiliver in Bayonetta though as I thought back and it hit me that the only Devil May Cry game I actually bought and liked was 1. After that one everyone in the series just seemed to be missing something I just couldn’t place my finger…They were missing their original creator…this handsome fella
known as Hideki Kamiya.

It’s clear from the demo that Kamiya has brought some…interesting ideas back to the genre he helped create.

For starters the music isn’t shitty [SPOILER]yet secretly awesome[/SPOILER]guitar rock like other games in the genre, it’s this strange mix of J-pop tunes which add this distinct “flare” to the game.

The combat was also…interesting as it’s more heavy on gun play with what seems like fewer melee attacks but it all just flows well. This game just feels different from other 3rd person action games it’s pulling from things like Devil May Cry and God of War but also keeping this distinct charm. The levels seemed kinda bland but the combat is so fun that I didn’t really mind. The last level in the PS3 demo has you fighting in what appears to be a church…and you fight ALL OVER THE CHURCH upside down…side to side… it’s strange yet awesome.

It’s definitely tweaking my brain in a very positive way that hasn’t been tweaked since the first time I played DMC

Welcome back to the genre Kamiya. :smiley:

you have no idea how happy i am right now… :slight_smile:

Oh I remember when you called her ugly I believe Kumiko said something about her not being sexualized or something. How things changed.

They certianly want you think one kind of way

“Non-stop climax action.” LOL

Well, I just downloaded and played through the Xbox 360 demo of Bayonetta and turns out that this version has full english text for menus/subtitles and the graphics are significantly better (both in clarity and in framerate).

The only problem I found with this version is that lock-on is mapped to right bumper (yes, just like in the DMC4 demo) which is far more uncomfortable than R1 (or right trigger for that matter), but I imagine that the full version will allow custom controls.

This version also features a level not found found in the PS3 version. It has you fighting on falling pieces of a clock tower. IT’S FREAKING EPIC, MAN!!! But it also doesn’t have the fight against Jeane on the walls/floor/ceiling nor the complete fight against that monster chasing you up the stairs (it cuts off after the fight with him holding the bridge with you on it).

Seeing the english text on this 360 demo makes me wonder if the Japanese version (for PS3) that I plan on importing has english menus/subtitles.

At least, has anyone figured out how to make the text in the PS3 version english? :boggle;

I’d wait on importing the PS3 version until we find out it is region free. There was talk that Sega was gonna add region coding to the 360 and PS3 version. PS3 games are suppose to be region free but there were rumbling Bayonetta would be the first to implemint it.

Also the 360 build was probably in all english b/c that version is probably the one they had at PAX didnt see a english option in the PS3 version.

So, now that the demo is up for all the Americans, what do y’all think? :smiley:

I had a “wait and see” feel to Bayonetta and now that I played the demo, I’m now intersted. I did not like the music and I wish the camera was a bit closer. Other than that I had alot of fun with it.

I actually really liked it. It reminded me a lot of Devil May Cry.

Also, I find it funny this is a SEGA game and you collect RINGS in it.

It was just ok though, I like DMC ever more.

That first part where you’re fighting on the falling debris was actually incredibly annoying. There was so much shit happening on screen I could barely tell what I was doing and what my enemies were doing.

After that, though, I enjoyed it quite a bit. There were definitely some intricacies that I didn’t really grasp on my first playthrough, but that’s to be expected from any action game worth its salt. I could really feel the similarity between it and DMC, though DMC is definitely the better franchise for a number of reasons.

In spite of having some fun with the demo, it’s not a game I’m interested in picking up as a full priced purchase. More likely I’ll wait a number of months until it’s down to $20-30.

I like the music and the demo was fun. When does this come out again?

January 5