Batman killed by his OWN dad


So they actually went through with it, I’d heard of this whole “Batman RIP” arc in like May, but was curious as to whether they’d really kill him off for real. But they did.

Now the hard part for writers is not bringing him back too soon like Superman or Captain America. Keep him dead for at least ten years, let Terry, Nightwing, or Tim take over for a good long while, then reboot the whole thing.

wait when did they bring captain america back?

Thought I read an interview after it happened about how he was definitely coming back. In the meantime, the actual superhero title Captain America has been passed onto Bucky or whoever.

That whole Dark Hand thing kind of pissed me off, though.

I wouldn’t know, I usually wait for comics to be reprinted in graphic novel form before buying them. Will definitely pick this up when it comes out though.

I don’t really read them. My friend Jake made me read these ones.