Which 4 will advance to the next round?

Philadelphia Phillies VS. Colorado Rockies… ?

New York Yankees Vs. Minnesota Twins… ?

St. Louis Cardinals Vs. Los Angeles Dodgers… ?

Boston Red Sox Vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim… ?

lol Baseball.

You know, all the best sports games I’ve ever played have been Baseball. And I don’t like sports games.

Did I have a doppelganger at one point? :thinking:

This is the closest thing I could find to a Baseball thread, so here you go…

Lol who the hell is spooie1?

Could have been a duplicate account I had, but I don’t remember creating one, so I dunno.


Everyone seems to have a ____1 account from a certain period of the site.

@Andrex1 @sbf7171 etc.

I’m asking our host about it soon.

Also go Sox. :red_circle: :socks: :raised_hands:

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I miss Crud.

And hey Angels seem good this year

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For me, I am a Giants fan.

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He’s a beast too for a young greenhorn pitcher. Became a starter because of injuries and has been killing it.

I’m catching up on all the baseball stuff I missed last week…

As we close out the regular season today, let’s reflect back on one of the rarely scene uncensored ejections…

My Red Sox :sob:

Oh well it’s hockey season now anyways :smiley:

So after being exiled from Canada and Pittsburgh, the Blue Jays have relocated to Buffalo NY for the season.

Also… first game of the season and the Red Sox are already crushing the 10-0 in the 4th inning.