Banned In 3...2...1...

Fuck you Drew, you lock a thread when somebody dares to speak against you, who the fuck are you to preach to me?

Fuck it, go ahead and ban me again, prove my point. Better yet, I’ll just go ahead and see myself out.

Fuck you.

Sigh. You try to help people but they’d rather spit in your face.

I tried to save you from being suspended again by closing spooie’s thread. I warned you three times you were inching closer to the edge. I warned you about just dropping the topic, but you continued it.

And now you’re outright begging for it. Maybe over the next week, you can consider overreacting less and how that trait would help you in life, and especially on the Internet.

Trex, that was over the line.

What you posted wasn’t needed and just added to the drama.

Perhaps. But this is the second time he’s done shit like this and I’m sick of it, and I don’t want to see him do it again. Let this be a lesson to everyone on the forum, Gforum has a certain standard for posting. If you act like a troll, you’ll be banned like a troll, and if you’re warned but still whine about it, actions will definitely be taken.