Avengers: Infinity War (Spoilers)

Saw this last night and it was excellent, though I do think it has some issues.

Biggest surprise: Red Skull is back. :shocked: I only believed the “he didn’t really die in Cap 1” theories like 20%, and how they managed to keep his presence in IW a secret is quite the *ahem* marvel. I wasn’t even sure it was him at first. :lol:

Best interactions: Iron Man and Doctor Strange/Wong I think. “Wong, you’re coming to my wedding!”

Most shocking death (not counting the ending): Loki, for realsies this time (probably.) It was a shame to see Heimdall bite it too, but he got some cool moments in Ragnarok.

Surprisingly not in the movie: Hawk-Eye, despite all the poster speculation. I was also sad Ant-Man didn’t appear, but it makes sense with his movie and all. Speaking of, will be interesting to see if that takes place chronologically after IW. I doubt it, but who knows! (Also loved Banner’s “Wait, there’s a Spider-Man and and Ant-Man?”) Also, where was Valkyrie? She was on the ship at the end of Ragnarok…

Best entrance: Motherfucking Thor in Wakanda. Haven’t been that pumped at a movie moment in quite a while.

Weakest aspect: Thanos’ motivations. I’m glad they gave him something to work with, but honestly him trying to win Death’s heart is far more compelling than the braindead “Me gotta wipe out half da universe cause my planet died when I didn’t do it there.” Like, how does this even work going forward? When the universe eventually fills up with people again, what’s the limit? It’s honestly a worse version of the Anti-Sprial’s whole schtick from Gurren Lagann.

Weakest interactions: Thor and Star-Lord. Their moments were pretty humorous but went on for way too long. Also, based on what Star-Lord does I’m not sure I care for his character anymore.

Most surprising funny moment: Star-Lord flipping off Thanos while diving into a Strange portal. :lol:

An “ohhh… ah-ha!” moment courtesy of my friend: Doctor Strange’s whole plan. I couldn’t understand why he’d give Thanos the stone after all that bluster about choosing it over Spidey and Tony, but my friend pointed out that Strange knew every possible way shit could go down and that he told Tony at the end “It’s the only way.” This suggests that Strange has seen how the heroes will win in the next movie, and that it has to involve Tony being alive.

Best fake-out: Okoye looking like she’ll get dusted, only for it to actually be Black Panther.

Most emotional moment: Spider-Man’s death. I was actually tearing up quite a bit. Tony must be fucking devastated.

Stupidest shit ever: No mention, let alone appearance, of any Defender or Agent of SHIELD.

Called it: The post-credits scene invoking Captain Marvel. Can’t wait to see 90s SHIELD in action and the first cosmic human in action, even if she is ripping off Green Lantern a lot.

Hype moments I’m looking forward to in the next movie:

  • Cap and Tony finally making up.
  • Cap getting his shield back.
  • Thanos getting his ass kicked.
  • Captain Marvel’s entrance.
  • Everyone getting resurrected and having a somewhat happy ending (I mean c’mon, Spidey got dusted and he has a post-Avengers 4 movie coming out.)

Will post more thoughts as I think of them.

Funniest part for me was the SPACE location card. Made even better because it was the first. Overall I wasn’t surprised, and I managed not to spoil anything.


Yeah the trailers really do show every setpiece and it’s possible to sketch a rough picture of the general plot from them. The most unexpected parts are the quips and jokes, since outside some commercials they’re mostly saved for the movie itself.

The spiderman death kinda fell flat for me since he already has a post avengers 4 movie announced. It was emotional. However the backbone of that emotion was Tony’s reaction, not Peter’s.

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Nah, I sympathized with him. It’s like Tennant regenerating, “I don’t want to go.”

Nothing suckerpunches me more than a sympathetic character dying and not being ready to let go.

Also, I think Vision (or a version of him) will be back early next movie. It looked like Shuri was almost done with him, and we also don’t see what happened to Shuri meaning she’s probably still alive. I think it’s likely she either repairs him, or backed up his consciousness (possibly to put in a new, “improved” body as she hinted to Banner.)

I just got back from seeing the film.

I enjoyed it. I’m still worried they’ll keep pushing characters that aren’t well distinguished and street level fighters on us.

Black Widow
Hawkeye - Not in this film but in general Universe
War Machine
Steve Rogers
The Wakandan Army
Black Panther

Are all characters that really, really need carrying. Some like Nebula they at least guide them to the idea of sabotage / stealth or sneak attacking. Others are going toe to toe with forces that wipe out world’s. Or at least half of them. I feel like they’re holding back characters like Dr. Strange from really making them look useless. Strange I felt should have done a lot more damage himself to Thanos without anyone helping. Instead you see one good spell from him and he just tries and ties Thanos up before being rebuffed.

Seeing Iron Man kick Thanos is not epic enough for what’s at stake.

As for Thanos’ motivations. I thought they did a decent job of making him at least somewhat sympathetic. They could have done nothing at all.

I don’t share your reservations with that part though Andrex. I believe Thanos explained it a bit better when he said the Universe is finite. There isn’t enough stuff to go around essentially. With so many space fairing species gobbling everything up, populations have no limit. Until they’re forced to have a limit because they’ve used up everything feasibly around. Then the slow die off happens. Generations and generations of people doing a little worse, and a little worse. Starving more, always hungry, crime and disease increase etc…

If he cuts the population everywhere in half, an arbitrary number to say the least. But the goal still being, no intense long lasting die off and slow decent into misery and mediocrity. Instead quick and over, while others will have room to expand and perhaps control their expansion. Unless they make the same mistakes in which there would be the need for another culling. Sorta like how China created an incentive to have only 1 child. It had the effect of slowing population growth and easing strain on resources.

The opposite is true also, Japan having not enough babies and thus not enough infrastructure for things going into the future. I think it’s a problem we are looking at here on Earth in real life. Blown up to the galactic scale and throw into a film about superheros and explosions. So it remains inelegant but I still feel sympathetic on a level.

Some things I noticed that bothered me or pleased me:

Bothered me that Thor’s regular clothing can withstand a star blast. I feel he should have been burnt and nude. I know you can do nudity in a Marvel mainstream film but I would have still expected a similar situation like the way they handled Hulk going back into Banner a few movies ago.

I liked that the horrible, horrible joke writing of Guardians 2 wasn’t present. Drax seemed to be back to Guardian 1 hilarity by not understanding social etiquette or how he’s perceived. He’s funny not with one liner’s but because he is different.

No more dancing fucking baby shit face groot. Praise everything. That alone gets me 3.5 out of 5 stars. Everything else is bonus round.

No Ant-Man is no bueno. Again, we have so many heroes that can’t pull their own weight logically. But they’re here. Get Ant-Man in the van and lets’ do this. Giant form would be killing it. Who needs Hulk?

Scarlet Witch is less garbage but still a waste. Vision is handicapped horribly here. He’s top Tier in comics and does nothing but get stabbed here.

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Wow you’re a huge whiner lol.

Also Vision was top tier in both past movies but he’s hurt here, not a nerf.

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Hulk is now called The Incredible Bitch, worthless.

I try not to let the fact a lot of the “dead” people have future movies bother me. That’s why I think Spider-Man dying still landed well with me I felt tears coming though I never actually cried.

Loki dying was also an “oh no” moment for me.

Thanos is like a really watered down Magneto when it comes to why he’s doing the things he’s doing. They tried to make him and his motives relatable but it fails to make me care.

Starlord is a fucking idiot. Fuck that character forever and always.

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What’s the line between critique and whine? Are they same thing?

It wasn’t a bad movie but like I said there are things I’m worried about. Like Scarjo, her character really isn’t important. But there’s still talk about her getting a solo film. It’s like, wtf is she going to do kicking Thanos or anyone else around?

Now if they had her doing covert things, if SHIELD had made an appearance etc… You could have a character that’s not fighting but moving along the narrative.

When Thanos is roflestomping Galactus, we can zoom in close to Widow and her batons. Because Scarjo.

We just need some cosmic balance, let the heavy hitters do some heavy hitting.

I also think they should consider not using so many characters with guns.

Rocket - Guns
Widow - Guns
Falcon - Guns
War Machine - Guns
Iron Man - Rockets and lasers
Hawkeye - Arrows, less than guns.
Bucky - Guns
Quil - Laser guns

Starlord is hard to do well. They’re losing his direction since he went from lovable loser to Han Solo.

Loki dying was kind of a gimmie. They’re trying to hard to make him a hero because he’s popular.

Thanos’ biggest hurdle is that his motivations are universal. Magneto is more relatable off the bat because it’s dealing with smaller groups and down to earth concepts like racism, evolution, abuse of power etc… Thanos has those things but it’s a bit too vague.

I really didn’t feel anyone’s dying meant much emotionally. I thought it was neat and made sense. But knowing some plots from comics of how Thanos gets beat, I fully expect to see all or most of them return. It’s more of just a wait and see how kinda thing for me.

That coupled with how blatant Strange was with the stone. 1. Telling us he’d let Peter and Tony die no problem to protect it. 2. The fact he saw all futures and only one works in the end for them and 3. He literally hands over the stone no questions asked, after a pretty half hearted 1v1.

Yeah. I mean I get Iron Machine, but all those gun users makes just makes the roster bland/empty and underpowered. If only the X-Men could’ve joined in, but something stupid has prevented that.

Might as well throw in the guys from Agents of SHIELD too, because that wouldve been soooo exciting


Bye bye Mantis :sob:

and has anyone ever seen that movie “Left Behind”? I’m reminded of that movie

I believe that Thor mentions to Rocket that half of the survivors on his ship were killed… implying that half were not. So I would imagine that Heimdall teleported her and the others off the ship in time.

I wasn’t sad at the Peter Parker death, but the one thing I did feel sad about was Gamora asking Star-Lord to kill her at all costs. Plus, I saw it coming from a mile away.

I kid you not, like three people in the theater went “NOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo!!!” when Tony was stabbed by Thanos.

It’s because they don’t really exist, Andrex. :shushing_face:

The irony is that he did the same thing to Thanos over Gamora’s death that Tony Stark did to Bucky over his parent’s death in Civil War… and Tony tries to get HIM to stop and come to his senses the same way that Cap tried to get Tony in the previous film. I’m not sure what exactly this proves… I’m just reinforcing my analysis that Tony Stark is a dick.

The one main thing that stuck out to me was the Gamora death scene, when they said he would need to sacrifice someone he loved (it actually reminded me of a story Mark Waid wrote for Fantastic Four some years back) and you knew it was going to be her. And then you REALLY knew it was going to be her when she gives some speech about how he’d ever succeed, because he doesn’t care about anyone. Quite overdone.

Some questions and observations… I always knew Red Skull was not dead and was transported somewhere in space or time, but the revelation that he was transported to the exact location of yet a second infinity stone is kind of odd. How does he even know about the trade off of sacrificing the life of one to acquire the power? Did the stone at the bottom of a chasm talk to him? He seems to be the only one that knows this in the universe, with the exception of Nebula. Also… how is he alive? What has he been eating all this time? Wouldn’t he be driven mad? Why is he not dead? He transported there during World War II.

Could Heimdall not see Thanos coming? He can see all of the universe. Wouldn’t he have noticed at the end of Ragnarok or at any point on the ship?

Also… I’m pretty sure “replacement” eyeballs don’t quite work that way.


Did Thanos kill you?




Same…but like I don’t know how I feel about it.

Still kicking baby. :sunglasses:

Ditto. Which seems suspicious

Nope. I got turned to dust. Figures.


I’m toast in Firefox, but alive in Safari.

Other questions…

How does Quill know what a “Bowflex” is? He would have been 2 years old at the point in which the company had even announced their first machine.

How does Peter know what Footloose is? He doesn’t refer to it as “that really old movie,” so perhaps he saw the remake from 2011… in which itself should have caused the entire reality to unravel, as one would be referencing the original and the other would be referencing the original, and neither knew it.