Atlus USA AM GOD!. 3-D Dot Heroes coming to the US! $40!!

Cant fucking wait!!

Seriously someone give them a medal. First bringing over Demon Souls now 3-D dot heroes! Atlus might be giving Capcom a run for most awesome Japanese publisher :Q

And at a discounted price! I hoped it would be a download game in the US but I guess it was just too big.


What do you take to get this hyper? :confused;

3 bottles of Power C Vitiamn Water :smiley:

Fuck, I need some. :disgust;

The crack and the std talk…the fuck is going on.

You mean that total Zelda 1 ripoff? >_>

The difference is this guy isn’t a raging homo…

Although HD blockly buttsex would interesting to see. 0_o