If you remember when I talked about how great of deal I got on that Dreamcast last weekend at a garage sale, it just got a little less great. Oh, the system’s still fine, but in getting out the games today to play them…3 of the 8 discs were missing :frowning: The motocross game, Tony Hawk…and Sonic Adventures :cry;

I’ll have to look around, there’s gotta be stores somewhere selling these things used yet (or Ebay I suppose…)

Go back to where you bought it, punch the guy in the face and get the games…

dude…you read my mind!


Why didn’t you look inside of the case before you bought them?


That sucks dude! :frowning:

Well, it was a citywide garage sale, so with the wife and kids, and the wife’s friend and her four kids we were drifting from sale to sale. I know the area we were in, but the houses there all look the same. Also, with so many kids I just was counting my blessings at finding anything I wanted, esp a $10 console (after I picked it up she said the games were .50 each, so I just paid for the stack…but I should have checked them)

Kinda sucks Dreamcast games really arn’t that cheap to buy, they sell for a pretty good price for 10 year old games.

That blows dude! Eh. At least you got the consol for $10. Thats an accomplishment in itself!

I haven’t gone to a garage/yard sale since before my grandfather passed away, but, be damned, I would love to horde up on some Odyssey 2 games again.

i saw arrrrg and i was like “FUCK YEAH PIRATES!”. i think i was as disappointed as u when u couldn’t find ur disks lol