Anyone watch Turtles Forever?

Well? :disgust;

:lol No.

You should have. It was really good. Force once, something actually lived up to, and beyond, my expectations.

I saw it. It was actually really awesome. The only thing I didn’t like was how they represented the 80s Turtles (I mean, yeah the 80s cartoon was pretty silly, but it had its serious moments too.)

O_O Why has no one told me about this you mother fuckers!

Didn’t I post about this here back in June or July? I could have sworn I had.

What Turles Forever? And what’s it about?

Maybe you did and I didn’t for some reason connect turtles with tmnt until tonight. This sounds like one of the most awesome things ever I’ll have to get the dvd for it.

Simply put: '03 Ninja Turtles team up with 80s Turtles.

The 80s turtles crossover into the dimension of the 2000s turtles. 80s Shredder seeks out 2000s Shredder who decides “there can be only one” and plans to dissolve both of the worlds by wiping out the Turtles Prime world… if that makes sense.

Has all the 80s classic characters… the TMNT, Shredder, Krang, Bebop, Rocksteady and a cameo with 80s April… all in the 2003 world… and then some. Even has a 2003 version of the Secret of the Ooze villians.

Ohhh…nope I don’t.