Anyone know where I could find...

Some sheet music for games, anime, popular songs, or anything for cellos…?

Or is anyone here talented enough to be able to translate a piece set for the piano of violin into a piece I could play with my cello? Or can anyone listen/look at the notes and be able to make a score for me? (I have some videos bookmarked with the notes on them, but not on an actual sheet and that’s confusing me…)

I’m thinking about doing some entertaining for a party in a week. I’m pretty sure that no one who listens to me will know what the fuck any of the classical pieces I’m playing are…So I’m looking for things that more people maybe familiar with.

I’m at a disadvantage though since the cello isn’t normally the “lead” instrument, so whenever I do find a cello piece, it’s typically a bass part. Also I’m only a beginner…

Help, please? Anyone?

I was going to recommend you AlphaTrance, but it seems to have gone down. :frowning:

I downloaded Notation Composer and have been uploading some simple MIDIs to it.

Right now I’m trying to learn Green Bird from Cowboy Bebop. So far so good. :up;

Wondering, do you use a bow or your fingers? both?

I use both depending on how I want it to sound.