Anyone here have surgery before?

You don’t have to say what it was for or anything… but I’m curious how successful it was. I go back to the Podiatrist on Tuesday for my foot, for the Morton’s Neuroma and associated problems. It doesn’t feel any better since I saw him 3 weeks ago. In fact, it feels worse SINCE I saw him.

After a week and a half, it was feeling a little better, so I returned to work, and it started getting worse after a few hours there each day I was there. Probably because I can’t walk and I’m stuck in the same position all day. So I was out 8 days, in 1, out 1, in 1, out 1, in 2, out 2.

I had saved up time working overtime this summer for a vacation or SOMETHING down the line, since I haven’t taken one in 2 years, but it’s all gone. Personal and Non-Comp time is gone, with my Sick almost completely drained. I have some Vacation time in reserve, but I can’t use it for medical leave reasons unless something is set up in advance.

I’ve never had surgery, and for some reason, my body has a low tolerance for losing blood. Just getting a blood test makes me ill and almost pass out. It’s weird, because when I was younger, I could take needles and whatnot with no problem. But my body’s acceptance changed as I grew.

A few years ago at work I sliced my finger with a box cutter very lightly, lost almost no blood, and still almost passed out regardless. I had to leave early, because my body couldn’t handle it. I’m pretty sure there is some kind of condition for this, but I don’t know the name offhand.

Anyway… someone in my office had exactly what I have 2 years ago. After 2 months of continued pain, she had surgery. Said she lost the feeling in her toes for many months (which will happen with me, because they have to cut out the nerve), and that she couldn’t walk for a week and had to wear this “bootie” thing for a month, nor could she get the foot wet.

She says NOW that she’s alright, but does experience pain from time to time, and that the feeling in her toes have pretty much returned. But I’ve read stories of people who have had problems afterwards, sometimes even worse than the pain they experienced when they had it.

Meanwhile, anywhere up to 70% of people with this who have had it less than a year are supposedly able to get rid of it over time with proper medication and orthodic devices to correct their foot.

Anyhoo… I got back and I’m going to listen to the options provided. But I know as he explained in our first meeting that, if all else fails, surgery is an option that he performs.

I’m still here so I would say it was successful

Last surgery I had was last fall/winter. I had to get a tennis-ball sized lipoma removed from my butt. I didn’t think of it as much because I was under anesthesia for the most part. Whenever you go under that stuff, you black out completely and the next thing you’ll ever know is you’re waking up laying in a hospital bed.

Since a week after I was discharged, I couldn’t sit right and was limping. it was stitched up and the surgical tape restricted my leg’s movment. Got much better within Christmas. Stitches where a pain to get out though.

My scar’s still there. I’d post a pic, but I don’t feel like posting my ass on here. :astonished:

Perfectly fine now! If that benign tumor stayed there, my right thigh would get super swollen.

Twice, actually. On the same arm. And I’m apparently supposed to have to get an operation on it again when I’m about 19 or 20.

The first time, they put big metal pins in my arm to set the bone.

The second time was a bit more odd. They had to drill a hole into my bone in my elbow and let the marrow leak out and fill up a hole that was in my bone and scrape out the little bits of the broken bone that were in the muscle in my arm and caused sudden sharp pains and muscle spasms whenever I would move the wrong way. And I had a camera in my arm, too. Apparently it was a really rare case for that particular part of the bone to be broken without the entire bone being shattered, too.

The worst part was how I figured out I needed the second surgery. I was in Freshman gym class doing push-ups when suddenly my arm gave way and the pain was unbearable. And there I was being called a faker by my gym teacher…

You do look like a faker.

And no, never had surgery or broken a bone.

[quote=“Andrex”]You do look like a faker.

And no, never had surgery or broken a bone.[/quote]


When I was seven, I had my tonsils removed. I was hospitalized for about three or four days. I threw up blood the first day after having them removed. My number of strep throat cases went down, so I guess it was successful even though I still get sore, inflamed throats once in awhile.

I broke my arm when I was like 13. I was on a camping trip and we were hiking in a dried out creek bed. There were some spots though where they were some spots where there was still some water. We tried jumping over the patch of water but of course with my luck, I slipped on a wet rock and fell. Besides landing in two feet of ice cold water (in November mind you), I jammed my left wrist in between two rocks. I snapped my left wrist right at the growth plate. My arm literally made an S-shape.

The problem was though was the fact that I was basically out in the middle of no where it happened. It took about half an hour to walk back to camp, and another hour to drive to the closest hospital. When we got there, for some reason they refused to treat me due to not supporting our insurance. So, they gave me some pain medication and we had to drive about another 45 minutes to an hour to the next hospital. When we got there, I had to be treated by a special doctor due to where I broke it. (I have no idea why… I was pretty medicated at this time so I don’t remember much.)

I had to be kept for another few hours in the waiting room. By the time a cast was put on, it was about 6pm or 7pm. And I broke my arm before noon… My arm healed correctly but since I broke it on the growth plate, I tend to get sore, sharp pains in my wrist if I over use it or bend it too much a certain way.

I also had all four wisdom teeth removed at once when I was 16 or 17. Again, the medication made me sick so I threw up some blood which great to do with sore, tender wounds in your mouth! Especially when the doctor says you can’t take strong pain medication anymore! (I also got the flu on top of that.)

I also have a bowed collar bone. I slipped and fell sometime ago and landed directly on my shoulder blade. My right collar bone is permanently bent now. I still remember my doctor looking at me and saying, “You’d be better off if you had broken it.” You see, you can’t re-set and reheal a bone that didn’t break. So instead, I get to deal with almost constant on-and-off pain from just using it. (I’ve grown pretty tolerable of most of it by now though.)

If you run your hand over my collar, you’ll feel the right side having more of a dip than the left. You can also see that my right shoulder sits a bit lower than my left one if you look at me.

I had open mouth surgery when I was in the second grade because somehow a tooth got stuck on the roof of my mouth and my teeth wouldn’t grow properly if it was still there. It was a success and I never had any more after that.

I’ve had my wisdom teeth removed.

[quote=“Andrex”]You do look like a faker.

And no, never had surgery or broken a bone.[/quote]


Well, it sounds like everyone made out okay, which is nice.

I go back to the Podiatrist in a few hours for my follow-up. I guess I’ll find out what he recommends next.

Well, the doc says he wants to avoid surgery unless it is a last alternative. Says I’m young enough, the Neuroma isn’t as fully developed yet and I haven’t had it for so long, that he believes conventional methods will make it go away over time.

Also, I can start “walking” again this coming Monday.

That’s the good news.

Bad news is, he expects at LEAST 3 more months before the thing goes away. My foot is also still swollen. And I start physical therapy sessions 3 times a week for the next 4 weeks on my foot. The words “electronic muscle stimulation therapy” is among the listed prescribed treatments.

Now my insurance is trying to weasel out of paying ANYTHING for it, and I just got off the phone with them. Going to appeal the decision.

4 Surgerys for mouth. The most painful experience of my life time. Last surgery I had a hole drilled in my gum along with 2 permenant teeth removed.

Hernia, right after graduation (3 months after). It’s been years since and no problems. The surgery on the other hand wasn’t fun. Oh, it went well, but besides the pain, the supositories, and the trouble getting up from a full motion water bed with terrible abdominal discomfort (resulting in 20 min to get to the bathroom) I had a bad reaction to the anesthetic. Oh, they claimed it wasn’t related, but I couldn’t hold down food for 3 days, and then could barely eat for 2 weeks. All told in 3 weeks time I lost 25 lbs while doing almost zero physical activity (and that’s not the way to lose weight, believe me)