Anyone else NOT get the whole Olympics Backlash thing? (Politics thanks to Gurren)

Apparently, lots of Americans are in a tizzy over the fact that Chicago was eliminated in the first round of the 2016 Summer Olympics, and Rio, Brazil won out yesterday.

I’m watching the news and they’re acting like it’s some deliberate attack on the US or something. I’m thinking “what the hell?”

You know, the US had hosted the Olympics EIGHT times now… which is more than any other country in the world has. South America the CONTINENT has hosted the Olympics a total of ZERO times EVER.

Let them have it. Geez… isn’t the whole damned point of the Olympics to bring the world together? Not try and tear it apart?

Stupid people. Grrr… :neutral_face:

Yeah… yeah… that’s nice and all.

The only thing I’m loving about this outcome is how Republicans/conservatives jump the chance to shit more on Obama and the city of Chicago about this because they think the world has turned against him. As if the International Olympic Committee is considered “the world.”

I thought conservatives considered themselves real Americans. But they relish in America losing the bid for the 2016 Olympiad. That shows how real “patriotic” they are with their own country. Only in America, you have the right to cheer for having your country to lose at something.

What’s amazing is, even if Obama didn’t make the trip to Copenhagen, these parasites would still chastise him for not doing anything when Chicago lost. If Chicago came up on top, they will turn to the routine on how it’ll become a financial disaster which will result in “the death of USA.”

These people never make up their minds. If they hate the US so much, they should all move to Texas and get the state its independence. Then the world can see how well having a strictly Republican country will be for its own citizens

Which is so odd, because I’m seeing every Liberal news media whining about it.

[quote=“spooie”]Which is so odd, because I’m seeing every Liberal news media whining about it.

Media is going to whine whether it’s Liberal OR Conservative.

In my opinion, good for Brazil. It’ll give them a chance to show how nice their country can be.

And anyone who has a problem with this is a whining butthurt loser.

heh… hey, lets post awesome reactions from Chicagoans!

LMAO. Good for Rio welcome to the future.

[quote=“Gurren Lagann”]heh… hey, lets post awesome reactions from Chicagoans!


I wonder how many of those people got the day off of work on the state’s dollar to rally, and how much money Chicago lost that day with them flooding the streets and causing all sort of bad traffic.

None since all those deadbeats were unemployed and had nothing better to do. :stuck_out_tongue:

You know what? Forget Chicago. Lets celebrate that South America finally has it’s Olympics for the first time ever. And there’s only one way I celebrate:

[font=Arial Black][size=134]Posting Hot Brazilian Booty![/size][/font]

Statistically at least 60% of those are traps.

ROFL :lol :lol

hey, my girlfriend is half Brazilian, dick. :neutral_face:

If I lived in Chicago I’d be happy right now. All the hype, traffic, crowds, and general insanity would make life generally more of a hassle than it needs to be.

And yet I’m going to be at the World Cup in South Africa next year. Yay. :plain;

Reaction shot after Kanye pulled the mic away and announced “Immaletyoufinish Rio, but the United States hosted some of the best Olympics of all time. Of ALL TIME!!!”

Yeah… I’ve about beat that one dead now. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t see the difference between Brazilian booty and regular american booty. Regardless, there both uber. Yes, uber.

The woman with the camcorder. :lol She looks like her baby just got stabbed or something.

I never cared if Chicago made it or not and honestly, I’m glad that Brazil got the Olympics next year. US pretty much host it a lot and I see no reason to put it on Obama at all. If there was a reason, maybe the people at other countries should be pissed off at their leaders as well.

We Americans always want to blame someone for everything bad that happens to this Country.

And we love attention.

[quote=“nothere413”]We Americans always want to blame someone for everything bad that happens to this Country.

And we love attention.[/quote]

And as we all know, not being able to run the world is a bad thing. :stuck_out_tongue: