Anti-Violent Threats Legislations

Was watching the “Back From the Future Part 1” episode from Supergirl and they mentioned that in the future there are online anti-trolling legislations which stopped World War III.

It was probably thrown in as a joke but I can’t help feel how this needs to be true. Now, trolling in my opinion isn’t as serious as death threats which is why why I worded it differently.

I had been meaning to make this thread once I saw the episode but what really made me start it was Laura Bailey’s recent death threats over her work on The Last of Us Part II.

Is one thing to have constructive criticism over anything but when you resort to violent threats you are crossing a line.

We’ve seen this type of behavior pretty much ever since the internet came to be and with the rise of social media it’s only gotten bigger.

People need to be held accountable for violent threats. Is one thing to say is trash or get angry about something but another to threaten someone’s life with full anonymity and without consequence.

I don’t care if 15 year old Tim got so angry at GoT, TLJ, or TLOU2 that he felt the creators should die. His parents should receive a fine or something for his behavior. Of course, this doesn’t mean I believe adults are incapable of sending death threats too.

I’m not asking for the police to get involved cause it would be impossible for law enforcement to pay a visit to every person who sends a death threat online. But, maybe a warning letter tied to the IP address that if the person continues to send these threats they will be fined $2,000 because that’s how I think you can get to people, by attacking their wallet.

What do you guys propose we do? Can something be done? Does the Supergirl writers have the right idea?

I think that opens up some major problems. Like IP spoofing casuing someone to get a bill who did none of that. How are you going to make people pay this $2000 fee anyways? Oh yeah law enforcement.

Also we get into a real weird problem of first amendment rights with this too. Say things someone doesn’t like get a $2000 fine. You know that will be abused.

Don’t fall for the bait.

She’s signaling for support and virtual back pats. Everyone on the internet gets harassment if they have popularity or infamy. The vast majority of the messages she gets are likely overwhelmingly positive BEFORE she tweeted this.

She just wants you to care. Victim-hood is a hell of a drug.

Also what you’re saying, about not getting the police involved only because it would be unwieldy yet as a concession logging people’s IP addresses and sending official letters to their homes? You might as well SWAT them while you’re at it. A two-thousand dollar fine? For cussing at someone? For telling them you hope they die in a fire or of cancer or something?

Free speech is important, more important than feelings.

Should people harass others? Absolutely not, but you can’t legislate morality. Twitter as much of social media is a shitstorm of insults and lameness. Don’t play in the deep end if you can’t swim.

People hated the product she was a part of, they have nothing better going on so they become a keyboard warrior and let her or others have it. Not entirely different than when someone cuts you off in traffic. Flipping them the bird and maybe tailgating them, flashing your brights etc… All reckless, all stupid, all cathartic in the moment.

The solution is to not be on Twitter, don’t have DM’s, don’t read / reply or react to it if you are on the platform. Realize that social media puts you in touch with the world, a world in which people are who you will be interacting with, all the people you’ve ever dreamed of speaking to. AND all the people you’d never want to make eye contact with, meet in a dark ally or even acknowledge their existence.

That is just ignorant threatening the voice actor of the person lol

Don’t be upset Laura, just cash dem checks.

Laura Bailey is great, basically the Troy Baker/Nolan North of women voice actors.

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Yeah it is shitty. I think they just need tools to block people.

I don’t think legislation is the way to go.

Yep. It’s bullshit like this that makes me wish

(last of us part 2 spoilers)

That Joel’s death was a quick time event.

This is such a simple thing to do, and yet unless you are a major player on something, Twitter won’t do a damn thing. And even then the chances of being banned for violating the Terms of Agreement is small.

I think they just need to give people tools to do it themselves or a way to report it.

I agree on that, but that’s still questionable at best. Someone could make a fake tweet and use that tweet against that person.

Yeah. People have to remember that any potential measure would likely be used for censorship.

You can already turn off DM’s from anyone for your account.

Also you can pick up a ban list from whatever echo chamber you’re a part of. You can then ban people from following you without ever having spoken to them.

I don’t use social media. If there are ways to stop this why do people not use them?

Also thinking about it giving people fines would have to require law enforcement. Or are you saying you want ISP’s to be doing this… NO GOD! PLEASE NO!!!.

You can turn off DM’s from rando’s (the public at large on twitter). Only people that follow you can DM you then. If they are offensive you can ban them and not receive or see anything from them. They could browse your twitter without being logged in or another account but DM’s would be blocked as they would then be a rando essentially.

People use DM’s to have private conversations rather than public or group viewable tweets. If you’re famous though and you let thousands and thousands of people follow you and then you do a piece of work that people have strong opinions on, they may be inclined to go from a regular lurker to someone DM’ng you hate.

Then you block them.

You post about it publicly to get clout and or community support because life is super hard and scary.

I hadn’t taken into account the potential to spoof IP addresses and get an innocent person blamed. That would be shitty.

I said I didn’t want law enforcement to get involved but the idea is that the person would receive the warning letter. If they continue then they get fined and if they don’t want to pay up then the police intervenes. They would be a last resort kind of step.

I don’t claim to have all the answers but something should be done about this kinds of people. Maybe my way is too unrealistic but there should be some kind of punishment. I like the idea of a Twitter ban. I know it lends itself to be faked and framed but is getting out of hand and when people don’t see consequence they just think they can get away with anything.

However, I will say if you choose to threaten someone’s life over the internet then you are pretty much bottom of the barrel scum to me. I don’t care what if you think the person is playing victim or whatever fragile reason you have in your delusional mind.

P.S. I’m talking about death threats and death threats alone. Cussing/Swearing while still an asshole-ish thing to do, what I have issue with is threatening someone’s life.

If someone is in fear for their life, they need to contact the police. Not people on Twitter.

Twitter already bans people for opinions they tweet about that are unpopular. If you want to bring the Postal service into this it’s only going to compound the unfairness and chaos.

The solution is to give people the ability to take care of themselves, which they largely already have. That means, people posting about this stuff publicly are cruising largely for support.

If someone breaks into your home and shoots you, do you post on Twitter about it or call the authorities? This would be a similar situation. If you’re afraid someone is going to kill you, report them to the authorities and take proper precautions. Like not having your private info on the site etc.

But, things are not changing. It’s only getting worse and will get worse.

We’ve seen this for years now. People are not all of a sudden have a change of heart and realize these threats are abhorrent.

I pose this question to everyone, should nothing be done about this? Should we let people to continously behave this way?

Is it worse or are you just hearing about it now? People have done this for ages, celebrities for instance were known for getting death threats and hate mail via paper letters.

Those death threats she posted are imo not to be taken seriously. Keyboard warriors acting tough aren’t going to do anything. BUT if you’re a celebrity and worry about exposure to the public, then you should probably have someone manage your social media accounts instead of doing it personally. You’re openly engaging with the public at large across the globe and assuming everyone is stable and happy to chat / tolerate difference of opinions.

This is really why people post that they’re getting shitty private messages:

The solutions you’re offering amount in my eyes to just bringing in the government to do what people should do for themselves. Take care of yourself and don’t rely on the thought police to keep you safe.

I’m not just hearing about it now. But, these kinds of threats were hidden back in the day. Now is pretty much everyday exposure and some don’t even subside.

But, people let something slide until it becomes a big deal. Microtransactions were fine a decade ago. That evolved into loot boxes and that too was fine for a while. It is only recently that it’s become “gambling” in some countries or at least are trying to classify them as such which has forced the government to step in because of companies thinking they can get away with it.

Fine. Let people keep sending death threats anonymously. Eventually it will get to a point where something will have to be done about it. Maybe that’ll be 5 years from now or 10 or more but i believe the way the Internet is going is only a matter of when. I just hope no one actually dies because of it.

So basically law enforcement gets involved. Anything with a fine kind of has to have law enforcement get involved. Be careful what you wish for. You intend to have it deal with death threats but I’m telling you it won’t be just that not to mention people can say they didn’t get any letter. We don’t even have to take into account someone stealing, spoofing or whatever for the account. What about people using it to shut down all discourse they don’t like? What about people weaponizing it against people they don’t like? The potential problems it could cause are possibly worse.

This. Seriously weird that people go to twitter.

Tai, I agree with your passion.

But it’s supremely difficult if not impossible to legislate morality or to condemn people before a crime has occurred. Unless in this instance, we take words as the crime.

Inciting people to violence is illegal but a personal message saying "i will kill you". Is in a grey area.

What you’re arguing for has been a huge hurdle in any justice system the world over. How do you prevent crime without destroying social interaction?

Because it doesn’t end with the overt. If I say to someone “I’m gonna kill you”. Then I’m dealt with legally or by Twitter mob / higher ups. What happens when someone gets a DM from someone else saying “I wish you were dead.” Is that not the same thing?

Who decides?

Each time you get a little more vague, you branch out the criteria a little further. You care about people’s safety, you wanna make sure you don’t let anyone come to harm by missing someone violent in your ever expanding net.

Eventually the innocuous statements are grounds for legal action. Things like “You’re a mortal person just like I am”. May just be a factual statement OR it could be a call to highlight that you’re mortal and not immortal and thus, will eventually die one day and that dying may occur by way of murder.

Statements like “Watch your back” also are a threat of sorts. Not overtly of murder but certainly not of anything kind to be visited upon you. Should those be treated equally as death threats?

People have been banned from Twitter for instance for their views on gender / sex:

Not getting into that argument but just as an example. Saying something that previously nobody would have cared about is now grounds for removal. Then it will move on to the next idea that is not allowed. Dangerous speech is the only speech worth protecting, because if you can’t say something that pisses someone off, you’ll quickly realize you won’t be saying much of anything at all.