Another $20 sale at Gamestop. SF 4, FEAR 2, Silent Hill Homecoming, Mad World

From CAG

[quote]Starting 7/28, these titles will be marked down to $19.99 until 8/2. Used titles will only drop for select games.

Street Fighter IV
F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin
Wanted: Weapons of Fate
Silent Hill Homecoming
Animal Crossing: City Folk (game only)
Excitebots: Trick Racing (game only)
Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
Mario and Sonic: Olympic Games
Wario Land: Shake It
Wii Music


  1. Does this sale start @ 7pm on 7/27?

Answer: NO

  1. Is the Animal Crossing & Excitebots sale include the bundles with Wii Speak and Wheel?

Answer: NO Game Only versions

  1. Is there a AD for this sale so I can PM else where?

Answer: NO, temporary Markdowns. Prices go back up 8/2

  1. Are used games dropping also?

Answer: only select titles will have used price drops also.

The following titles WILL NOT have used price drops:

Street Fighter IV 360/PS3

Wanted 360/PS3

FEAR 2 360/PS3

Animal Crossing City Folk Wii

Wario Shake it Wii

Wii Music Wii

  1. When does this sale end?


  1. Why is street fighter so cheap? Will I be able to find any?

Answer: no idea, but my guess is they are trying to clear inventory for the rumored “Street Fighter IV Championship Edition or whatever it wants to be called”

Stores have been instructed to push Street Fighter IV @ this price by displaying copies @ the counter to show off this great price (WHICH COULD MEAN GUTTING MULTIPLE COPIES)

if you want a sealed or a copy at all then go their ASAP when sale starts.

  1. Why is the game still tagged at regular price?

Answer: Chances are your store DID NOT update their price changes, or this is a promo sale which means the employee has to hit the TOTAL button (F12) on the keyboard to reflect the accurate price. That or the employee is just being stupid. It should be a nationwide GameStop sale @ all stores.

looks like SF 4 deal is online only but some on CAG said they got it in store for $20 of course I see this after already placing my order online. SMH
Not sure about the other ones on the list




DK Jungle Beat should normally be $20. :confused: I wanna buy it but I’ll have to hold off…

On the other hand, I may get SH for PC at that price… we’ll see.

Nice might pick up F.E.A.R 2 now.

I want to get Street Fighter 4. But I doubt its going to be as good as Super Smash Brothers. I fret that it will be too complicated…

Good game…

As for SF4 if I had online I would pick it up just to be beaten down to a bloody pulp… In another words I suck but still would play.

Guys, seriously, street fighters got like 3 different ways to do moves for every character, it isnt a hard game to play at all

It’s much better.

And Seth isn’t much compared to Gill.