Animal Crossing: New Leaf ✪

I finally got my house where I always wanted it: right on a cliff overlooking the beach. :shocked: GOTY.

I got peaches/butts for fruit.






I put my house next to the dock.

Hadn’t been playing much the past couple of days and forgot there was supposed to be some bug catching thing today. Was gonna hoard some good ones for this but forgot.

Stupid chameleon thing keeps on giving my bugs low scores. Totally gonna get screwed outta winning this.

Got first place and 88 points with my Lantern Fly. :rock:

Paid off my first down payment. :rock: :rock:

I wish we could play this together. Sadly I don’t have a 3DS…

Nintendo is selling refurb’d systems for just $130.

Won the contest with some 107 point birdwing butterfly. Second place barely got over 60 points so I was worried for nothing.

Anyway I need a monkey villager so that I can pretend I’m playing ape escape whenever I go hunting.

It’s like they drove the Magic School Bus into my brain and saw exactly what kind of game to make for me.


(I know he’s a DJ now which also pisses me off.)

So, I’ve already got a second bridge and a campsite. And my house has been upgraded twice. All without time-travel.

Get on my level.

My bugs spawned for shit. I got 3rd.

I am glad this thread exists. Its a little late but I blame myself for not starting one Day 1

Just ordered my basement and have 1 million bells in savings now. :wine:

7pm seems to be a good time to start making money on the island. All the good beetles are out with no worthless grasshoppers and locusts hopping around like crazy.

Aww yeah.

Fuuuuuck how can you guys be so ahead. :frowning:

I feel the need to take a moment and appreciate how absurd that statement is.

lol well sounds normal to me.

On that note, my present for the million bells arrived(a piggy bank). Put him next to my snail clock and balloon dog. There’s a lunch tray in the middle of them, so it looks like they’re eating from it. :3

It’s called work bitch. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m going to have my first bridge, my 2nd upgrade on my house, and my first ordnance goes into effect, all happening tomorrow. (And I started wednesday)


I added you three.

Also K.K. performs at the club which opens after 10 days of playing the game. So next Saturday we should all be able to see him.

Added ya Sonic.

Haven’t done much today except buy some turnips.

I didn’t start playing until yesterday. Fuck this game.

I added you, Sonic, but don’t have Animal Crossing. I’ll get it… eventually.

Oh, sorry. Well even though my club will mostly likely open on saturday, which means I’m not 100% if I will see him, if I do you’re welcome to come over. ^^

Also if you want to make a lot of money and get new fruit you should go to someone’s island. We’ll hook you up.