Animal Crossing: New Horizons ✪

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Hills and cliffs are back!!

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I will Animal Crossing a second chance in 2020.

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Pole vaulting is genius. It sucks having to run around the water and find a bridge lol

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Yeah! I did like being able to build an extra bridge in New Leaf though. :slight_smile:

Also you can build your house on the beach for the first time!!

Yo my island is gonna be 100% clean energy shit. Windmills, solar panels, modern stylings…

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Until the anti-green bill lobbyists attack and spread misinformation…


Some random New Horizons observations based on the E3 demo (may change):

  • There still isn’t an icon or other marker on items being sold by Nook that you’ve purchased before/are in your catalogue
  • For crafting at least, it does display the quantity of the item to craft both in your current inventory as well as in your (expansive) “wardrobe”
  • Axes, or at least “Flimsy Axes,” don’t cut down trees but produce various kinds of wood/sticks for crafting – it’s unknown if there’s a way to remove trees at all
  • Elevated land including hills and cliffs return after being absent in New Leaf
  • The “Call an Islander” feature seems specific to those who have local Switch accounts set up, and is the entry point to local co-op (but has nothing to do with online)
  • If true, the “Leader” mechanic which allows another player to make changes to your town, may be local-only

Nook is a crook and wants you buy stuff you don’t need

Also I wouldn’t use the Leader thing anyways, bitches don’t touch my stuff!

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Me and my cousin were hoping there could be a shared neighborhood (in this case, island) like a lobby where we could have a house and be doing our own thing where we can run into each other or hang out. I guess we can kinda do it locally since the online voice chat of Nintendo is weird shit.

Like his house is always there but if I am standing by his house when he gets online I can see his character emerge from the house. Wouldn’t that be cool?

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New details from IGN!!

You’ll start with two or so neighbors in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Nogami said that when you first arrive on the island through Nook Inc. Deserted Island Getaway Package, you’ll arrive with two or so other random Islanders who chose to participate in the package as well. Nogami said because they invested in this package that they have as much of a right to stay on the island as you do. However, Kyogoku said before they choose a spot for their home, they’ll check with you to see if it’s okay. If you don’t like where they settle down you can tell them you don’t want to build in that particular spot and move their house location to wherever you see fit.

Absolutely fantastic, and not only will increasing the number of villagers on your island lead to a stronger sense of progression, but each villager will be progressing on their own alongside you!

Nogami said the elements and buildings of the town we unlock won’t be in the same order as New Leaf’s, however.

Makes sense, not sure if there’s even separate areas anymore like City, Island, Campground, etc. I kind of hope there aren’t separate areas and everything is in one “place” again like AC GC and Wild World.

You’ll be able to invite animals to your island in some way in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In New Leaf, we were able to recruit and invite Villagers to be part of our town. Kyogoku said there would be a system provide an opportunity to invite animals to the island, but not necessarily seek out one of Animal Crossing’s many animals.

Hmm, guess importing any villager you want via their Amiibo card/Wisp is out.

Nook Miles are a new currency in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

“Bells are used to, of course, pay off the loan, but I think in previous titles there was some sort of value associated with Bells,” Kyogoku said. “For instance, a very rare beetle could be sold [for a high price] and a lot of players would focus on that and then would maybe, on the other hand, ignore a very common butterfly after donating it to the museum. The value of that has changed with Miles.”

So basically MEOW Coupons from Welcome Amiibo just applied to everything, not a subset of Camp-only items. I actually really loved the MEOW Coupon concept after diving into out (after ignoring it for a while, since I was unsure of Welcome Amiibo overall.) The idea that even common butterflies will still be worth catching every time you play is fantastic and solves one of the issues with the core gameplay loop.


With the disappointment in Pokémon I’m feeling I’m in the market for a new franchise maybe this will become my new Pokémon. :man_shrugging:t2:

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The rolling log effect is still there, but this is the closest any game since the GameCube original has gotten to replicating the top-down look. :smiley:

Which is the next best thing to having a GC camera option like I’ve wanted since Wild World. :heart (I’ve never cared for the rolling log effect, though tbh if they removed it I might actually miss it…)

Edit- For comparison:

Really studying the differences in New Leaf and New Horizons, the actual horizon has been moved a little further lower from the top of the screen in the new game, but the rolling “down” effect at the bottom of the screen is way less pronounced.

Basically in NL, objects at the bottom of the screen would look tilted forward almost 90 degrees when they cross the bottom of the screen. But in NH, they remain much more “flat” as they cross the boundary of the screen. This is far more pleasant, though it really reminds me of City Folk so I may need to do a comparison there as well…

To better visualize the camera changes I made a diagram.

But first, here is how the world of Animal Crossing is rendered in-game from a top-down view:

The circle and oval represent the world of Animal Crossing when viewed from the side. The red line is the camera boundary, what the player sees.

Basically it seems like the world is deliberately “flatter” towards the bottom of the screen (the right side of the camera viewport) which I think is a very a welcome change.

Yeah that rolling isn’t what I prefer. I love the Gamecube one. But it doesn’t seem too bad in the new one.

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Poor guy :sob:

Dear God I hope this has Animal Crossing amiibo support. I own like 10 of them lol Including Resetti lol

Yeah I’m not sure lmao… could go either way.

It definitely sounds like they’re not used for importing villagers (Wisp in Welcome Amiibo) anymore, but who knows.